Day three, the sun reappears!

We awoke to a perfectly glorious day today!  What a joy to see the sun again and feel a little bit of it’s warmth…  Today we explored a bit in Coeur d’Alene, drove along the part of the lake and made our way to the famous Coeur d’Alene Golf Resort.  Pictured at left is the famous signature hole of this resort the 14th Floating Island Green.  I think it’s safe to say that should we win the lotto (hah!) John will add this course along with Pebble Beach on his golfing “bucket list”.  The driving range is IN THE WATER!  They employ scuba divers to collect the balls daily.  I think it’s safe to say that there are oodles of balls not only in the driving range water (shown at left by the outlined floating thingys, left of the island green) but also left by folks unable to hit the floating green, even after several tries.  We sat outside and had a coffee while watching several groups of guys come along, and only a few actually hit the green!

After a quick shopping stop – yeah, had to pick up some cleaning supplies that I didn’t remember we’d need, we drove the 25 miles south of Coeur d’Alene to the Casino there.  They are in the midst of adding on, but it’s already a large casino with all the latest slots.  I am happy to report that John put in his allotted $20 and left with $40.  Suz put in her allotted $20 and left with $30 — we left there a couple hours later as very happy “winners”!!

Then it was time to head back to our home on wheels and do a bit of cleaning with all those fun cleaning products I bought!  Here’s a view of the inside of our little abode on a sunny day.  This is mostly of the kitchen and the bedroom waaaaaay at the back.

Before too long, it was time to start dinner.  A sunny day = barbecue day!!  Here is happy hubby double tasking…  barbecuing while watching “Jeopardy” on his outside TV!!   Yep, a good day here in Idaho!   Tomorrow, on to Montana!!

Oh, a big thanks to our neighbor Susan for taking care of “Ringo” our Beta fish.  He’s gone two doors down to visit with her “George” for a couple weeks… all we need now is John and Paul! (sorry, couldn’t resist that one)


3 thoughts on “Day three, the sun reappears!

  1. Ringo is doing fine in his “McMansion” as compared to George’s now shabby looking bowl. George will one-up Ringo by the time you return. Hum, I wonder if Karen and Denis have an extra tank that fit in my window sill?

    Glad to see you are having fun.

  2. Dear Susan and John,
    Hey a woman’s work is never done even when you are on holiday Susan. That golf green is simply amazing….I hope that John gets to play it some day.
    Glad the sun came out….looking forward to Day 4….Love Glenda and Noel.XXXX

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