Rain, rain, and more rain

One of our goals on this trip was to escape from nasty weather but as luck would have it, it’s following us.  It has rained nearly all day today 😦   Our goal is to make the best of it, and we have surely tried.  We drove to Coeur d’Alene Idaho today – a really lovely place (or it would be for sure on a sunny day!) just 30 0r so miles east of Spokane, WA on  the huge Lake Coeur d’Alene -of course.   Here I am on the banks of the Spokane River at Blackwell Island RV Park.  Looks like they have the chairs all set up for some serious sunbathing that is simply NOT about to happen anytime soon.   Here’s my sweetie doing his darndest to glue on his “hey, I don’t care if it’s still piddling down rain” face.  Behind him sits “the Mousetrap” and our little car, now unhitched.  Maybe tomorrow will be a teeny bit less wet?  We’ll be exploring the general vicinity of Coeur d’Alene (simply known as CDA by the locals) – the lakeside areas, the famous floating golf green at the CDA resort, and possibly a quick side trip to the supposedly quite snazzy casino.

Believe it or not, today we started up the FURNACE here in the MH for the very first time!  Thank heavens it works well.  It’s cold and windy tonight.  We put on our warm clothes an hopped in the little car for a quick trip to town this evening.  We had dinner at the CDA Brewing Company.  The beer/cheese soup in a breadbowl was more suited for an autumn evening, but sure hit the spot on this cool winter summer day.  Upon returning to the MH, we fired up the furnace again, boiled some water and made a wonderful cup of hot cocoa.  Yum.  John got the cable TV fired up but is pretty frustrated that ESPN isn’t available.  You can take the man out of England but there’s no chance you can take the love of soccer (football) out of the man…. and folks, the World Cup is on!


2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, and more rain

  1. Hey guys…if you want some sun you need to move to YAKIMA! we are working on day 144 of our 300 days of sun. It’s been really nice here…not to hot yet. It will be in the upper 70’s to low 80’s here for the next 10 days and NO RAIN!! Maybe by October we will have you guys more convinced to move from the “wetside” of the mountain to the dry side. Have fun on your trip. I have such fond memories of our trip to Yellowstone! God Bless!


  2. Dear Susan and John,
    Missed that you had left and sorry to hear about the rain on day 2. Hope for sunnier days to come. Big news from Aussie land….Glenda and Noel have just become the proud owners of a 24ft caravan….soon it will be our turn to be off in the wide blue younder 🙂
    Have a happy time….Love Glenda and Noel

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