Motorhome trip Day One

Hello from Twisp, Washington on day One of our motorhome adventure!  We scurried around this morning, packing up last minute items – like all our clothes (!) and took off around 10:30.  We stopped  in Burlington where we gassed up the motorhome at the local Fred Meyer’s – using our rewards points for an extra ten cents off per gallon – yahoo!  It was in the Fred Meyer’s parking lot where I realized I’d forgotten to pack any capris or shorts.  Our weather has been okay at best, but we have high hopes for some sunshine on this trip, so without further adieu I popped into Fred Meyers and grabbed a couple pairs of shorts as well as two sub sandwiches for our lunch on the run.  Then it was time to hook up the car to the motorhome for the first time since last February when we got all the bits and pieces installed by the RV dealership.  We dug out the 5X7 photos I’d had made showing the original hook up of all the wires and connectors… it took us about 15 minutes, maybe 20 to do it, but we were successful!  The brake lights, the brake, and the turn signals all worked perfectly.  It was time to take off, headed east on Highway 20 – across the North Cascades Highway.  For folks who don’t live around here, this highway is closed from October through April or May of every year.  The first picture on today’s post shows our car and motorhome stopped along this highway.  The higher we got, the more dreary, cloudy and rainy it became…

We went over “Rainy Pass” which is 4,800 feet high and as you can see from the photo on the right, there is still plenty of snow up there!   This was also the first test of the motor home, going up some pretty steep grades.  Yup, we slowed down a bit, but all was well.  Coming down the other side was another test for the wondrous exhaust brake (jake brake).  It worked great.

We drove through the little western themed town of Winthrop and on to Twisp where our evening’s rest at Riverbend Campground awaited us.  Unfortunately, the further east we went, the more it began to rain.  It was pouring by the time we arrived at our campground on the Methow River.  Here’s hubby, working on getting everything plugged in and set up…

Tomorrow, we’re off for Coeur D’alene Idaho and we can’t help but hope for a bit of sunshine along the way.  So far, very little luck in our quest for something other than sunshine in the liquid variety.  Thanks to our neighbor Susan for the cute little book she gave us to record our mileage and gas ups.  Thanks also to our other neighbor Karen who is watching our precious Jinx.  Thanks to our friend Howard who gave John the hint to bring our own squeegee for washing the motorhome windshield – we’ve already used it!  More soon from John and Suz, traveling in “the mousetrap”.

2 thoughts on “Motorhome trip Day One

  1. Ta-dah! Day one safely logged. Just wondering why there was no ‘MGD’ on the power post while Johnny was hooking things up? Keep safe and take your time.

  2. And we’re off!! Glad to hear day one got off without a hitch. I imagine its a bit different from the old Custom Coach or Prowler days eh dad!

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