Journey in June

Believe it or not, we are getting the trusty motor home ready for our first big (two-week or so) trip!  Can you guess where our destination is?  Okay, I made it too easy.  We’re headed to Yellowstone.  Hubby has never been, and it’s such a glorious place – a veritable “must see”, so next week, we’re off!  Instead of making a new blog to chronicle our trip, I’ll post right here on Mizsuzee’s Musings!  I doubt I will have the opportunity to post every day, sometimes we’ll be just too busy, and other times we may run into difficulty getting internet connections.  But when I can post, I certainly will.  It’s still unknown if we will be taking Jinx the RV cat.   Because of unforeseen circumstances (ie: having the RV fridge repaired due to a sudden recall) we were unable to do a trial run with Jinx.  Because of that, I can say we are certainly a bit leery of just popping him in the MH and tooling on down the highways for two weeks.  At any rate, cat or no cat, we’re going.  We’ll cross our state, spend some time in Idaho, then buzz over to Montana and drop down into Yellowstone.  We’ll take a slightly different route the way home.  Not only will this be our first “big” MH trip, it will also be our first experience towing the car behind us.   That should be interesting, especially as we cross the Rocky Mountains at the continental divide.  Hubby says our diesel pusher engine can handle the hills, and I have to have faith in that.   So please follow along as we go on our first motor home adventure!   We leave next Wednesday, June 16th and to be quite honest, we sure do hope to come across some sunshine.  We’ve had very little of that bright light in the sky for the past oh, nine months or so.   Our fist leg of the journey will be to cross the North Cascades highway, here in Washington state.  Hope you’ll check on our progress and do feel free to leave comments! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Journey in June

  1. Hey Susan…..glad to see a post from you after some time. Off to Yellowstone….wow look forward to seeing posts on your trip and how it all goes with the MH…..have a safe and happy trip..Love Glenda

  2. Susan, we will be at family camp beginning next Thursday along the Stillwater river and then we leave for Indiana on Sunday for a week. We are hoping to go to Yellowstone the first weekend in August with our kids and grandkids. I wish I could figure out some way of meeting up with you, the closest I could get would be from Red Lodge and up Beartooth Pass on the 19th. If you thought that was a possibility let me know but otherwise have a great time. It is indeed a fabulous place.

  3. Oh, that sounds like fun! And I’m so glad your husband feels up to taking a trip like that after all he’s been through. It’ll be a great reward for you both after the hard times you’ve had this year! Have an amazing time, ok? Blessings, Debr

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip to Yellowstone!! I remember another trip to Yellowstone nineteen years ago!! I can’t wait to hear all about your ventures…am looking forward to reading your postings along the way! Have safe and joyous travels my friend!!!

  5. Hi guys. the kids and I are looking forward to following along on your journey! Can’t wait to see some amazing pics. Why wouldn’t you take Jinx the Rv cat lol ? And dad…don’t feed the bears!!!!

  6. gee … live next door to a person and never knew she has a blog site. go you. have a great first outing. you’ll both be missed. we’ll keep an eye out on the house, inasmuch as one of us is likely to get outside. most importantly, bring back gifts. moose or buffalo, a tiny geyser water feature. kidding. lots of pictures would be awesome though. cheers and safe driving. me & me mum.

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