A return to semi-normal life

This morning we woke to see a tiny layer of SNOW on the ground.  What a surprise for April 8th.  Rumor has it that we could see more of the white stuff before the weekend is over.   This photo doesn’t really show the snow well, but I loved the way the sun suddenly came out.

Any of you who read my blog know that that last month was a horrible one for me.  Maybe “horrible” is the wrong word.  After all, there were some good things that happened in the midst of the trials, tribulation, and sadness.  Hubby’s hip replacement operation went really well.     My dear Dad realized Christ’s gift of everlasting life for himself.  He struggled till the end with not feeling “worthy” but as we who are Christians believe,  “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith…. not by works, so that no one can boast”  Ephesians 2:8-9

I went back to work this week, which was a great step towards normalcy.  Once again I was the nurse instead of “the family of the patient” – a role I really, truly do NOT relish.   It was so nice to take care of my tiny patients and do plenty of catching up with my co-workers.  A lot happens in a hospital when you’re gone for a month!!  Just watch “House” or one of those medical dramas!  Ha!

This afternoon the sun was out, the layer of wet snow was gone, and apparently some of the (many) neighborhood deer found a nice place for a bit of a lounge.  These two were in my next door neighbor’s back yard.  They look quite content, don’t they?!   A few days ago I counted six of these roaming hunks of venison on the hoof  meandering near our back deck.  One had actually jumped our (3 foot high – aka – nothing for a deer to maneuver) gate and was munching on one of my few perennials.  Yeah, I ran out there hollering at him to get the heck outta here – which he did… but I’m pretty sure I heard him say something like “don’t worry lady, I’ll be back when you’re not looking” – or words to that effect.  I immediately asked hubby to please make the gate taller, much taller.

Speaking of hubby… he is still suffering terribly with the muscle tear, bleed, and hematoma that formed and is still pressing on a nerve in his lower back.  They have told us that it may take 4-6 weeks for this hematoma to reabsorb.  In the meanwhile, he’s on pain killers that sometimes work and sometimes don’t.  He is certainly not his typical perky self, and while he is struggling with having to live with a certain amount of pain… I am struggling also.  Struggling with waves of sadness that appear at the oddest times, and dealing day-to-day with a husband who feels cruddy and yes, is ubercranky at times.  Some days I have a silent little talk with myself that goes something like this: “BUCK UP girlfriend!  Nobody ever promised that life would be a proverbial rose garden every single day.  People everywhere go through tough times.  You will get through this… oh, and don’t forget that real important promise you made… in sickness and in health…..”  Oh yeah.  That one.  It’s a biggie these days.

I was driving home from work the other evening and a thought shot through my mind.  I remember thinking “I have got to tell Dad about that!” and then,  as quick as a painful bolt of lightning, I remembered.

Nobody ever had a better dad.  Nobody will ever take your place.  I loved you then, and I love you still.

2 thoughts on “A return to semi-normal life

  1. Yay for normal! Yay for the beautiful deer and the sunshine! But boo that your husband still is suffering. I will just have to pray harder! Hang in there and keep celebrating normal when you can. Hugs, Debra

  2. Loved the photo of you and your Dad Susan…..so precious!! Hope you are feeling that life is getting back to “normal” and that John is on the improve again…..smiles and hugs Glenda XXXX

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