Surgery delayed!

After all the nerves and prep, after arriving at the appointed time, after stripping and getting into that hospital gown… Surgery was postponed.  It was discovered (thankfully) that hubby’s blood was just a little TOO thin for surgery to be safe.  So, with new instructions we plan to do it all over again on Friday morning.  Sounds like fun.  Initially we were quite disappointed, a little ticked off maybe.  After it all sunk in, we agree that it’s much better to be safe than sorry.  The old adage rings true.  More in a few days!


One thought on “Surgery delayed!

  1. Oh! We’ve had that happen before–eight years ago. The doctor came out and told me that the x-rays just weren’t conclusive enough to show where best to operate on Tom’s neck. So the surgery was moved to the following week, or so. We considered this a good thing, a miracle, even, because another doctor at a different hospital *was* going to operate using those x-rays, but that all fell apart, in a rather bad way, but if that other had operated! Well, we don’t like to think about that. We just choose to believe this was God’s way of protecting Tom from disaster.

    Anyway, I’ll keep praying that all will be well with the upcoming surgery. Thanks so much for your comment yesterday at Facebook! Hugs, Debra

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