New paint, more food, and surgery

It’s been a busy January here in our FAR northwest home.  Since DH is laid off work during the winter, he has managed to accomplish some great painting projects!  The latest is our bedroom which, after much trepidation, we decided to paint purple. All I can say about the finished product is: I love it!!  We both are very very happy with the result.  You may recall in my previous post where I pictured DH getting the walls ready.  Well here are some more snaps of the now finished project…..

The beginning of painting the “feature” wall.

The finished darker “feature” wall and lighter side walls.

This shot shows my new purple/brown chair courtesy of Pier One, under the needlepoint picture my dear Grandma made for me in 1973.

The “dressing area” also a light purple.

We painted our tiny master bathroom an even lighter shade of this purple and are SO happy with the outcome.  I also have to put a plug in for Lowe’s Valspar paints.  They cover in one coat, have very little odor – which is totally gone the next day,  are reasonably priced, and are low in VOC’s.  One thing I haven’t finished is the curtains.  They are on hold until a great inspiration hits me as to what kind and what color!

As you may remember, I’ve been trying to make healthy food in smaller portions lately.  In some cases I’ve succeeded, in others… well I’ve again made more than we needed but at least we’ve been socking that away for future meals.  Here are three dinners that turned out particularly yummy!

Roasted Vegetable Pot Pie, on it’s way into the oven

Potpie on the plate – super yummy for a January day!

Hubby raved about this one for days – honestly! Spicy shrimp caesar salad 🙂

Then it was time to try something totally new —  QUINOA!  Anybody tried this tasty grain that is full of flavor as well as fiber?  Well it was all new to me… so here’s what I made…  The recipe is from Food Network Magazine and this is the dry quinoa before cooking.

Quinoa in the pan getting read to boil

Next, the scallops.  I am not a huge seafood lover, but scallops are nice because they have such a mild flavor and don’t (or shouldn’t) taste “fishy”.

Large sea scallops, gettin’ themselves a saute`

And finally the finished meal,  Scallops with Citrus and Quinoa; Dilled Zucchini on the side.  Very tasty indeed!

And now for our final subject for this post, surgery.  After a two and a half hour visit to the orthopedic surgeon’s office yesterday, we have a date set for dear hubby’s hip replacement.  March 2nd.  Lots of stuff to do prior to the big day such as pre-op classes, blood draws, etc etc.  No doubt there will be more on this as the date approaches.  It’s SO VERY necessary, but also quite scary, and we hope you’ll keep him in your prayers.

2 thoughts on “New paint, more food, and surgery

  1. Sure will be thinking of you both on the 2nd March. Hope all goes well and John has a speedy recovery….Love and hugs Glenda XXX

  2. Wow! What a beautiful bedroom–and ordinarily I don’t even like lavender! But your room looks absolutely gorgeous and perfect. Great Job. And prayers are coming your way about the upcoming surgery. My own hubby’s shoulder surgery is next week so any prayers would be appreciated for him, too. 🙂 Blessings, Debra

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