Ten years ago………

Ten years ago today, I was…..

  • Glad it wasn’t my night to work (yes, I was doing 12-hour night shifts then) because we were all so worried about what Y2K was going to do to our computers at the stroke of midnight.
  • A happy newlywed (we’d been married about 6 weeks at this point).  I’m still a happy not-so-newlywed, just for the record.
  • Living in Palm Desert California and loving the novelty of a warm New Years Eve.
  • Having dinner with our neighbors/friends/marriage license witnessers.  I know that’s not a word! Anyway, they witnessed/signed our marriage license.  I don’t remember what we ate, but was pretty impressed with them being total “sticks in the mud” not wanting to do a darned thing.  These folks were (much) later forced out of the USA and back to Canada due to Visa issues and we haven’t seen them or heard from them in years. These are the same people who would not go out to eat in a restaurant (unless someone else was paying – no joke!) and would not go to a movie because it might entail waiting in a line up to purchase the tickets!!  You know, I’m truly not surprised that we are no longer friendly with this couple.
  • Went outside at midnight, hoping to hear all the shouting and fireworks welcoming in a new century!  We did hear it & see it and no, our friends stayed inside their home.  (told you they didn’t want to do anything!)  They missed all the hoopla!
  • Remembered thinking many years before the big “turn of the century” …  wow, that is going to be one heck of a big New Years Eve party!  I better line up babysitting way in advance! And then realizing  … I wouldn’t need a sitter for my sons who would be  21 and 22 by then.

That is about all I can remember from 10 years ago today.  Wonder what I’ll be saying ten years from NOW?  🙂


One thought on “Ten years ago………

  1. Susan…..how well you did to remember what you were doing for New Year 10 years ago. I can’t remember what I did last week let alone what I was doing 10 years ago!! Love Glenda XXXX

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