Giving Thanks

I love this time of year… the cool, nippy weather, my warm warm home, the smell of apple pie just out of the oven, getting together with people you care about to celebrate a truly American holiday.  I do think however that all of us should probably be a bit more astute when it comes to being thankful – particularly to God – for all the goodness we’ve been given… everyday goodness that so many of us simply take for granted.  I’ve never been a homeless person (thank God) but can you imagine waking up, wanting a simple drink of water in the night, or a clean place to tinkle, and these basic necessities not being available?  For a warm bed, a roof over my head, and clean water- I give thanks.

I’ve read so much in the past years about people who suffered through terribly abusive and neglected childhoods.  My childhood wasn’t like that.  I had parents who really loved me (even though I was a ‘surprise’ late in life) and showed me their love daily.  For loving, caring parents – I give thanks.  I’ve thought a lot about my mom today.  As I was rolling out the pie dough, actually making the pie from ‘scratch’ – just like she used to do – she would have been proud… it turned out great!  At least it looks great.  Haven’t cut into it yet.  Mom was such an example for all of us – her entire family – of how to be a follower of Christ, to live a sincere and devoted life.  For Mom’s example, I give thanks.  Love you Mom. Not many people who come along late in their parents lives, get to have them as long as I have.  Mom went to heaven five years ago, but I’ve still got my Dad!  I know I’ve written about his 95th birthday and all last summer… I’m so very thankful that my Dad is still in my life.  For his long life, I give thanks.

I could go on and on and on about all the great things in my life – my wonderful husband and fantastic sons and daughter in law, my job, a car that runs and is reliable, a safe place to live,  a full tank of propane- just before winter starts, and a general contentment that’s with me deep inside nearly every minute of every day.  For all these things and SO MUCH MORE, I give thanks.

Wishing all of you a very happy day spent with people you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Dear Susan,
    Yes, you are truly blessed and happy in your life, with much to give thanks for. You truly deserve it too, don’t ever forget that!!
    Much Love Glenda

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