Ten years and counting

happy anniversaryToday is a special day.  Not only is it my dear hubby’s birthday, but it is also our ten-year wedding anniversary!  Ten years of glorious wedded bliss 🙂  I know that sounds like it could be a cliche` but for us, it’s the real thing.  Glorious wedded bliss.  I can count the arguments we’ve had on one hand — honestly.  I am one lucky woman, to be spending her “later years” with such a kind and understanding man… someone who is so thoughtful and loving and willing to give.  It’s actually a great cycle of happiness we have — he is loving and caring and thoughtful, I want to be the same to him, and he’s pleased that I am loving and caring and thoughtful, and he continues on being loving and caring and thoughtful…..  You get the picture.

Way-back-when I knew I had a “winner” when a very simple event happened.  We were on a weekend getaway and leaving the hotel to do some sightseeing.  About a mile away from the hotel I realized I’d forgotten an essential – my camera.  For a few blocks I pondered if I should even mention my oversight, fearing how he might react.  Finally I decided that I wanted the camera bad enough to face an outburst (this was unfortunately what I was used to in my ‘former life’).  I gently said… “you know sweetie, I’ve forgotten the camera back at the hotel….”  and his reply was, “Okay, no problem, we’ll just pop back there and grab it”!  I was seriously stunned. I’d made a silly oversight by forgetting the camera, and HE wasn’t ticked off!  To me, that said volumes about his personality – and it was all good.   I thank God for my wonderful husband and feel like we are as well suited as any two people can be.  I pray for many more years with this special guy, before we all head up to Heaven.

I love you sweetie – more every day!wedding

2 thoughts on “Ten years and counting

  1. Dear Susan and John,
    Congratulations on your 10 years of marriage. I know what two very special people you are and I wish for you many more years of wedded bliss. Hope you both had a very happy day.
    Love to you both Glenda and Noel in Australia XXXX

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