A bit of disappointing news

orthopedic-treatment2This week dear hubby went to the doctor.  He’s been having nothing but trouble with his knees for months now.  We know that he’s got arthritis in both knees and actually has had one total knee replacement done.  The pain he has had lately is under his kneecaps, so we (amateur diagnosticians that we attempt to be) decided that maybe it’s tendonitis.  He’s also had pain in his right upper leg that comes and goes.  The good doctor examined hubby and proclaimed that he probably had pulled a muscle in his right leg, and that physical therapy should help both that and the under-the-kneecap pain he’s been having.  Just to be sure, the good doctor said, “lets get a baseline hip xray on both sides”.  “Okay”, replied dear hubby who just loves medical procedures of all sorts (not).   After the bilateral hip xrays, out we went to finish our tasks for the day.  While at the grocery store, DH’s phone rang and it was the nurse from the good doctor’s office, telling him NOT to schedule the physical therapy after all.  No, instead he needs to make an appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon.  “Severe hip arthritis” was the proclimation.  Bummer.

We haven’t made the appointment just yet, but will of course.  Dear hubby has personally had his fill of orthopedic procedures, but on the other hand, he sure doesn’t want to hang out in a wheelchair if he doesn’t have to!  So… it may possibly be time for a total hip replacement.  We shall see.  Maybe they can try a cortisone shot first (I know it’s just a bandaid and fixes nothing) or maybe an injection of “Synvisc” – which might put off the inevetible a year or two.   Shoot, I’m already married to the “bionic man” – might as well add some more plastic to him!   More updates on this when they become available.

On a more pleasant note, we are going across the mountains next week to visit Gramps and the family for a couple days.  Gotta get over there before the nasty winter weather closes the passes for days on end.  If I was feeling super energetic, I’d cook a big ol’ Thanksgiving dinner for everybody!  So what if it’s a little early!  I’ve invited my boys and their girls to come for Thanksgiving, since I am off work this year, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.  Sigh.  Ahh well, what can I do but hope for better luck next year?  No worries, we will most likely get together with our wonderful neighbors (as is the tradition here in the past several years) – everyone bring a dish or two – gather around Candy’s huge table and give thanks that we live in this beautiful place, surrounded by fantastic neighbors that we honestly couldn’t have hand picked any better, had we had the chance!

We had a really wicked storm blow through here last night.  Plenty of wind and plenty of rain.  About 11:30 pm we were tucked warmly in bed, both reading away as we are known to do, and suddenly heard a very loud …  CRAAACCCCKKKKK  — thinking for sure the huge “THUD” would sound next – hoping and praying it wouldn’t land on our rooftop — but the thud never came.  This morning we went outside to try and figure out which tree it was that very definitely cracked last night.   Strangely enough, we couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary!   It’s a mystery.

jack o'lanternIf you celebrate, “Happy Halloween” to you!  If not (like us), then do-do-do enjoy that extra hour of sleep we’ll get tonight as we turn the clocks backward!


One thought on “A bit of disappointing news

  1. Dear Susan and John,
    So sorry to hear about your poor old hips John……hope that you can get them fixed and I am sure that you will get through this next medical nightmare with your usual good humour and optimism…thinking of you both…..Love Glenda and Noel

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