Across the pond

Britain & Ireland Sept 2004 195Tomorrow is finally “the day” we fly to London and begin our travels around Britain.  Today is full of last minute packing… emptying the fridge… setting up kitty supplies for our wonderful cat-sitter (thanks Karen!),  moving the fish to our fish-sitter’s home (thanks Susan!), checking and re-checking our lists of what to take.  Tomorrow will be a VERY long day, but somehow we’ll survive it.  It will all be worth it – I hope!  Yes, of course it will!!

For those who may be interested, we did start a travel blog that we hope to keep fairly current while we are in Britain.  If you’d like, go check it out at

The above picture is one I took back in September 2004, of Warwick Castle.  What a great place!  We won’t be going there this time, we’re off to find new sights and new adventures 🙂

I’ll be back to this blog when we get home!  See you soon!!


One thought on “Across the pond

  1. Bon Voage John and Susan…..just know that you will have a fabulous time. Will be watching your travel blog day to day to catch what you are up to……let’s hope you have the time. To be sure I know that you will have plenty planned for each day….please don’t give a thought to us left at home wallowing in self pity as we are not with you. Susan I hope that you packed light!!!! Love and hugs Glenda and Noel

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