Flickr fun


Just for a bit of fun, I made a Flickr mosaic.   I typed my answers to the following questions into Flickr to see what pictures would appear.  Above are some of my favorites.   Here are the questions & my answers, starting from upper left:

1. What’s your favorite drink?   COFFEE

2. What is your favorite color?   PINK

3. What is your name?   SUSAN

4. What is your favorite type of food?   MEXICAN

5. Where is your dream vacation?   AFRICA

6. What is your hobby?   READING

7. What would you have liked to be when you grew up?   A DANCER … like a Rockette in NYC  🙂

8. Name something you love.    THE OCEAN

9. What word best describes you now?   CONTENT

Make your own Flickr Mosaic at    It’s a kick 🙂

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