A delightful week

The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and it’s been a great week here in the far northwest corner of the contiguous 48.  We were blessed not only with fabulous weather for Memorial Day weekend, but also with a visit from son #2 and dear DIL.  It was shocking to realize that they had not been over since last August!  M&M May 09 Aren’t they a couple of cuties?  Ok, I’ll admit I’m a bit biased… maybe a LOT biased. 🙂

Anyway, it was great to have the kids here for the weekend.  We enjoyed playing Wii,  a rousing domino tournament,  a delicious barbecue, golf for the guys, a bit of ‘retail therapy’ for the girls, and neighborhood game night too!

Suz, Min, tart!Another fun thing was making a tart with dear DIL!   I’d purchased a tart pan last fall, thinking I’d give it a try, and had never done it.   It just sat there in the cupboard, empty and lonesome.  DIL suggested we try making a berry tart – and folks, this thing not only looked great, it tasted marvelous as well!

Last night we buzzed across the border to see granddaughter Emily in her Irish dance recital.  I love Irish music and Irish dancing, and we think Emily did a fantastic job!  Please check out the video I made on youtube.  🙂

Today we had a deer family stroll through the front yard.  Normally I’m not a “deer lover” because they voraciously destroy my plant life.  But today, well, they were so adorable I had to snap a photo.  new baby deer

This is the ultimate SURE SIGN that spring has truly arrived.  Aren’t they soooo cute?!! (until they get bigger and start eating my roses!!)

Happy Spring, and happy weekend everyone!


One thought on “A delightful week

  1. Dear Susan,
    I would love to be with you to share the sight of those adorable deer in your garden and your lovely berry tart looked delicious. How nice to share the making with your DIL….Enjoy your weather!!! You look and sounds so happy!!! Love Glenda

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