A bit of wine and Leonard Cohen

leonard-cohenLast weekend was marvelous, simply marvelous!  We started out on Thursday evening at the WaMu theater in Seattle – a place we’d never been before – for a concert by the Canadian icon, Leonard Cohen.  I will admit that until I met my Brit/Canadian/now-American husband, I’d never heard of Mr. Cohen.  Since then I have learned to not only appreciate him, but to really like his poetry as well as his music.  His very distinctive low bass voice is just as great now as it was on his early recordings!  We both enjoyed the entire concert which surprisingly lasted over three hours with several encores!!  John was thrilled to hear  “Democracy” and I got to hear my personal favorite “I’m Your Man”.  It was amazing to think that Leonard Cohen is 73 years old.  The way he bounced around on the stage, you’d never, ever know it!!  Impressive!!  To read the Seattle Times review of the concert, just click here.

From Seattle, we moved on to the Spring Barrel Tasting event in the Yakima Valley.  The sun was shining brightly as we drove into town – gotta love that!  We had a great time visiting with my Dad, Brother, Son and Daughter-in-law!  On Saturday around noon we headed south into “wine country” – such a gorgeous part of our very diverse state.  Rolling hills, fruit orchards everywhere- all in bloom, and plenty of vineyards.  vineyard Following our map we traveled to six or seven delightful wineries – out of the 80 or so that are located between Yakima and the Tri-Cities.  What’s great about the annual Spring Barrel Tasting event is that as long as you bring your own wine glass, it’s essentially free!  Of course you have to pay for your gas to get there and back, but there is no charge for tasting the wines.  Well, let me amend that.  We did discover that this year in the Prosser area, they were charging at some wineries.  We skipped over those.  Maybe we will spring for the $35 pass to several wineries next year, but we didn’t this time.  The entire event was VERY well attended!  Lots of people out enjoying the sunshine and tasting some excellent wines.  Yes, we did purchase a few choice bottles!  We always do.  One of my personal favorites was the Viognier from Tucker Cellars.  It was the first time we’d bought any wine from there, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be going back.  After wine tasting, we got Chinese take-out and enjoyed that and a Mariners game on TV at my Dad’s house with all the family.   We promised everyone that we’d be back in June – hopefully to stay a bit longer this time.    We traveled the 4  hours back home on Sunday and were right back to work on Monday morning.  Whew!  Some days I think I am getting too old for this!  Instead I should be thankful that I can still “do it all”.  🙂


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