a ffew ffavorite things, just ffor ffun

Last week I was blog surfing as I often do, and came across a fun post on this blog.  It’s one of those meme things – and I decided to play along.  I left Lisa a comment and she bestowed upon me the letter “F”.  So, my quest, should I choose to accept it, was to pick out 10 of my favorite things that start with “F”.  Easy you think?  Well, I really did find myself putting a bit of thought into it.  But it was lots of fun, and if you are interested in joining in the meme, leave me a comment and I shall bequeath YOU a letter of your very own!  So here we go, and in no particular order….

frank-sinatra Frank Sinatra    Ok folks, I’ll admit it.  I’m crazy for Frank’s music.   I especially love his albums with the Count Basie Orchestra.  I’m crazy for the old “standards” and own many, many Sinatra CD’s.  I didn’t necessarily admire  Frank the man, but oh boy do I love the man’s music!  When we lived in Palm Springs, I made a trip to the graveyard where Frank is laid to rest.  On his headstone is engraved “I did it my way” – that he did.

Forests     I guess it’s natural that I’d love the forest.  rainforest1Shoot, we pretty much live in the middle of one!  I love the way it smells, and the sound of the wind in the trees.  Here in Washington we even have a rain forest!  Yup, the only one in the USA.  Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park.  Gotta love that!

1963-ford Ford Futura 1963  Don’t laugh.  This was my first car (not this exact picture!) but it was black just like this.  I LOVED that car.  A three speed with a clutch and everything.  I drove it until the day I was unfortunately T-boned by a woman who ran a red light.  Totaled the little beauty.  Made me really, really sad.

friendsFriendship   What a marvelous thing, friendship is!  My neighbors are my friends, my co-workers are my friends, my hubby is my VERY best friend!  I’d even like to think that my kids are my friends in an all-grown-up way.  I value my friendships greatly and still keep in touch with my oldest friend Kathy – we met in the 8th grade (1968!).  I also enjoy old fashioned penfriendships.  In years gone by, I wrote to around 20 penpals and got to meet 4 or 5 of them.  And yes, I still write to several. 


  Felines   How could I forget felines?  I’m a crazy cat lover, and honestly I’d have a houseful of them if hubby would go along with the idea.  He won’t.   This is a picture of my darling Mr Jinx.  I love him.

forgetmenots Flowers  I’m a flower lover.  I particularly love Forget-me-nots (another F word!) and it’s actually a good thing that I do.  We have a zillion of them growing wild around our home.  They look just like the picture, till later in the summer when all that pretty green foliage turns brown and the flowers drop off.  Oh well.

mcdonalds-french-fries     French Fries    I know they are not good for me.  I know they are probably full of trans fats.  But I can’t help it.  I love them.  Period.  End of story. 


facebook         Facebook    Hey, I know I’m not a teenager, but Facebook is fun.  That’s all it is, just a bit of fun.  And you can have friends on Facebook and that’s fun.  (how’s that for some good words in my “F” category?)

florida    Florida       Since we are in the process of planning a trip here, I thought I should include it!   I’ve been to Florida twice before.  I remember the first time, getting off the airplane, never having been so far away from home, and breathing in that…. warm, humid air.  Well, it should be pleasant in March, right?  We will be skipping Disney World this time… darnit!

forrest-gump-poster-c121843471     Forrest Gump       I love this movie.  I mean I really, really  love it.  I laughed with Forrest, I cried with Forrest, I rejoiced with Forrest…  and I love the music too!!   


Well, there you have it.  Ten of my favorite “F” things.  Hey, this was fun!  If you would like to play along,  just email me or leave a comment and I’ll be glad to bestow you your letter too!


5 thoughts on “a ffew ffavorite things, just ffor ffun

  1. Hi Susan….I really enjoyed reading about your 10 favorite “F’ things!! I am going to take the challenge and try it! No promises here..but thought it might be fun to try!I need a letter!

  2. Hi Susan, sure, I’ll play along. Bequeath me a letter. When do you leave for FFlorida? When we took the band there a couple years ago, I loved it. Of course we had just had a snow day here and it was sunburn weather there. What’s not to love? We went to NASA and that was so cool, especially the alligators in the ditches on our way there. I LOVED Daytona Beach! Not the racetrack, just the beach. I love the ocean so much and miss it in landlocked Iowa. Orlando was way too many people for me, but I marveled at all the different kinds of palms and the beautiful flowers. We went to a medieval supper club that was fun too with jousting and such going on in the dirt arena in front of us as we ate. Have fun and take lots of photos. Love, Linda

  3. Thanks for the letter Ss. It was a lot of fun. Be sure to check my blog to see what took me HOURS to do. But it was worth it. Surely does make you think, doesn’t it?

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