Ordinary Life

ordinary-lifeOrdinary life.  Nothing wrong with that. But also nothing too pressing in my mind that I’ve wanted to blog about lately.  Guess it’s the blah’s or the mid-winter blues, or writer’s block.  So, instead of an interesting quip or topic about today’s political atmoshpere, I’ll just update everyone on what’s new around here.    Not much.  No, really.  Let’s see….. 

  • After being layed off work for nearly three months, hubby has a job!  Actually this is wonderful!  Especially in this unsettled time!  Thank you Lord!
  • The hospital where I work has recently announced layoffs!  They say it won’t involve any nursing positions.  Keeping my fingers crossed here that they are telling the truth.  Especially since….
  • We are planning a trip to Florida!  Our “part time” neighbors live in Florida and have asked us so many times to come see them.  This year we finally said YES!  We are going towards the middle of March and will visit several other places as well.  Savannah Georgia, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston, South Carolina.  Places we’ve never been but are very excited to explore.  If anyone has been to these particular spots, why not email me or leave a comment about things that should NOT be missed… as well as great places to eat! 🙂
  • I’ve actually gone through several closets and again have a big bag of stuff ready to donate. (part of my de-cluttering plan)
  • We went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night and actually went dancing afterwards.  What a heck of a good time that was.  The food, the dancing, as well as the company!
  • Ok I’ll admit it.  I’ve been stupidly addicted to the TV of late.  I’ve been watching or recording “The Biggest Loser”; “American Idol”; “The Bachelor” (hey, it’s the guy from Seattle this time!)– and I’m looking forward to the start of both “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race”. 
  • I’ve picked out a date this month that will work well to get over the mountains and go see my Dad, brother, son, dear DIL, and the newest addition to the family – “Lucy” the baby beagle! 
  • Dear Hubby and I have had a bit of fun playing a few of the games on our Wii system!  Honestly, my arm was killing me the day after I whipped his bum at tennis!!  🙂

So, there you have it.  That’s what’s new in the ordinary life of this ordinary baby boomer gal.  You know what?  It may not be too thrilling, but I am so content.  I am so blessed.


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