Another New Year

Happy New YearSeems like a few short months ago I was writing about the beginnings of another new year – and here we go again!   First off, Christmas.   We had a lovely Christmas this year, and a white one to boot.  That in itself is nearly unheard of here in western Washington.  Son #1 and his girlfriend almost didn’t make it up here due to all the white stuff.  DH had to fire up the 4X4 and go ‘rescue’ them at the bottom of our hill.  Once they got here, we were literally snowbound for the next two days…. which actually was fine, as we really had nowhere we needed to go.  We had a great time playing with the new Wii system brought to our household by Santa, playing board games, and dominoes.  Plenty of good food, a few glasses of “Christmas Cheer” and warm snug beds at the end of the day.  Delightful.

Finally on December 28th I was able to get to work… first time in a couple of weeks.  You know, I just love being home, but… leaving here twice in about 18 days… well that was just a bit much.  I was developing a serious case of cabin fever!  I was actually excited to go to work! 

And here we are… New Years Day, 2009.  Wasn’t it just a couple years back when DH and I welcomed in the new millennium?  When we were all up in arms about how the “Y2K bug” was going to affect anything and everything?  Is it really nine years later?  Well, to answer my own question, YES, it is!  Instead of ‘resolutions’ this year, I do have a few goals.  Just to clarify, I am NOT going to mention the obvious goal… the same one I have every year… the one I’ve miserably failed at over and over.  Nope, that one (while still a goal) will be left undocumented.   Instead, some other goals – in no particular order – of things I really do hope to accomplish in 2009.

  • Continue to DE-clutter my home.  Keep the things I really love and those that are truly useful.
  • Preplan a long weekend at the beach (rent a large home) and arrange for ALL the kids and grand kids to come.
  • Sponsor a child from Mexico through Compassion International.
  • Do some baking with yeast!  Sourdough (DH’s favorite), some rustic breads, and maybe some sweet dough for cinnamon rolls or butterhorns.
  • See more of my 94 year old Dad!
  • Get brave and actually PAINT some of the rooms in this nearly all-cream-colored- home!
  • Rearrange some furniture in my living room to accommodate more seating without looking too crowded (not sure if this is possible).
  • Attend spring barrel tasting again over in the Yakima Valley.

Those are just a few of my plans/goals for the upcoming year.  I think I could probably go on and on… but I will simply say that I’m wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, and memorable New Year 2009!


2 thoughts on “Another New Year

  1. You will love sponsoring a child — Compassion is a great company to partner with! Let me know if you have any questions — I’m an Advocate for Compassion, in Wyoming. I would be glad to send you a child from Mexico if you’d like. 🙂
    De-cluttering the house? That’s one of my goals too.

  2. Susan, I hope you do sponsor a child through Compassion International this year. We have sponsored a girl in Nicaragua for several years and she is delightful and it is so rewarding knowing we are truly making a difference in her life. Linda

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