A Gladys Taber Christmas?

A lot of folks have probably never heard of Gladys Taber.  I would have been one of that number, except for my friend and fellow blogger Debra from As I See It Now.  She introduced me (and others, I’m sure) to the retro world of Ms Taber.  Gladys wrote many books as well as a monthly column in Family Circle Magazine back in the 1950’s and early 60’s.  She lived a very quiet, simple, self-sustaining life in the countryside of Connecticut.  Looking back on her life in the country in mid-20th century New England, well, it’s something I privately long for.  Not the New England part particularly, but the quiet, self-sustaining, simple life in the country.   Her books are delightful descriptions of her life at Stillmeadow (the name she gave her home).  They usually follow the seasons telling all that she sees and does in that particular month or season.  I personally own three of her books – they are old and musty smelling – but that sort of adds to the entire experience of reading lines from so long ago.  This month I’ve perused her chapters on December and Christmas.  She speaks of the decorations, the way the nearby village celebrated Christ’s birth (oh my how times have changed, and NOT for the better), the food, the smells, the weather.  One of my favorite lines comes from “Stillmeadow Seasons” where she is discussing decorating her tree….    “For after all” she says, “no tree can be better decorated than with pure drifts of dazzling snow!”   This morning I looked out at the sun shining on the latest layer of newly fallen snow and snapped this picture.  I think it beautifully illustrates this gorgeous “decoration of nature”. 



3 thoughts on “A Gladys Taber Christmas?

  1. Oh yes, I have heard of Gladys Taber. She was my mentor in the late 50s as a new bride. I LOVED her column in the Family Circle Magazine and had collected a complete set of all her books when we retired into our motorhome in 2004. She was my Martha Stewart back then and I hung on every word. There was no way I could carry them on board the RV so I donated the books that didn’t sell to the library.

    Your snow picture is beautiful but I’m afraid it is lovely to look … only … for me 😉

    Stay warm and safe!

  2. Oh what fun to come here and see myself and Gladys mentioned in the same post! 🙂 Thanks, Susan. And thanks for reminding me about Gladys’ December chapters…. I really do need to read them again, myself. Happy everything to you, my friend…Debra

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