Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

I am particularly thankful to be home from work this day and able to celebrate with my dear husband and also our neighbors.  We’ll gather together later this afternoon, each of us bringing something to contribute to the meal, each of us with thoughts of what we are thankful for this year.    As some of you know, I love history!  Particularly American history.  I also love old movies.  Well, this past week I sat down, glued to the TV (Turner Classic Movie channel) and became completely captured in an old movie about American history!  Talk about combining a couple of my favorites!  “Plymouth Adventure” was made in 1952, had an all star cast from that time, and was oh-so-interesting!  I got a much better idea about the quest of the Pilgrims as well as the people who escorted them to New England from (old) England.  I loved this movie!  plymouth-adventure1

Wishing everyone a wonderful, relaxing, memorable day of Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hey Susan! I’ve been meaning and meaning to tell you that I laughed and cringed simulataneously when you emailed me that you’d hung up that photo of me and my mom. Eeks! That’s not exactly the best picture of me, but oh well…. ‘best pictures’ these days don’t happen too often. heh. But thanks for letting me know… and thanks for being one of my new friends at Facebook. I really should cut out *your* picture and hang it up here! You look way, way better than I do. :)Blessings, Debra

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