Showers of blessings

hornofplenty1Thanksgiving.  I love this time of year.  I’ve always loved Thanksgiving as long as I can remember.  It has always meant plenty of food (really *good* food like my Mom used to make), family get togethers, and football.  Pumpkin pie with real whipped cream, turkey gravy with lots of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and homemade pickles.  Often it has been easy to forget the many, many reasons to be truly thankful.  This year, I think just maybe, we are all a bit more focused on the THANKFUL part of Thanksgiving.  I for one, have so much to be grateful and thankful for – too many to list, but I would like to mention a few of my blessings. 

  • My wonderful husband – my greatest earthly blessing for sure
  • Two precious sons and one precious daughter in law
  • My good health and the general good health of my family
  • The world’s greatest Dad, who at age 94 is still a vibrant part of our family
  • My home, snug and dry all winter long
  • A rewarding (in many ways) job
  • Enough resources for all that I really need
  • My delightful cat, Jinx
  • A neighborhood of wonderful, caring people
  • Eyesight good enough to read and stitch

For all these things (and so much more) I give thanks to God – from whom all blessings flow.

This week I have spent quite a bit of pleasant, quiet time finishing up a cross stitch bib that I am giving to one of my co-workers next week at her baby shower.  It looked like a small design to me, and I thought I’d “fly right through it”, but alas, no stitching is as quick as it may seem!  Here is a picture of the finished product!  Bib for baby Evan

This afternoon, “Daddy” captured this picture of “Mommy” toting Jinx the cat around like a bag of beans!  (He LOVES it!!)

Jinx and his mommy

Jinx and his mommy

I also just finished reading a book called “Dewey” about the library cat in Spencer, Iowa.  Being a cat lover, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!  Well, until the ending….  we all know how those books have to end.  Anyway! 

This year, Thanksgiving will be spent with our neighborhood, all bringing food, sharing together, communing together…  I’m soooo thankful I am off work that day!!  Another blessing!!!



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