We’re back from Mexico!

mexican-cruiseWe just returned from a wonderful cruise vacation!  If you would like to see several interesting places but unpack just ONCE; if you like a vacation that includes all the food you’d like to consume and a lovely clean room to return to nightly, I really do recommend a cruise.  This was our 4th and probably not our last cruise.  We were away 7 nights with three ports of call, places we’d never been to before.  This time we got to cruise with son #2 and our daughter in law, which was a real treat!  What’s especially nice when cruising with another couple – or even a group – is that you have plenty of time to be together, and also plenty of time to be on your own if you wish.  We think we had a great mix of both J  My dear husband always complains about “nothing to do” on the Sea Days, but it seemed like we ended up keeping plenty busy!  We played mini golf, ping pong, lounged a bit by the pool, and enjoyed a glass of wine or two on our balcony. 


Our first port of call was Puerto Vallarta.  We had two shore excursions planned for that day – one on a canopy tour over the jungle (a “zipline”) and an evening with native dancers on a far off beach with traditional food called “Rhythms of the Night”.  DH and DS managed to make it to the zipline, while DIL and I stayed back at the ship.  We were both fairly disappointed that an intestinal flu bug had to rear its ugly head and keep us from ziplining!  Yet, after hearing all about it, I know it was truly a Godsend that we didn’t go.  Apparently it was VERY physically taxing, and I’m sure with the 85 degree heat and 80% humidity, I would have hated all the climbing they had to do.  Thankfully, I was recovered enough to attend the evening excursion.  It was fantastic!  The setting was sort of like a mix of “Survivor” and “The Blue Lagoon”.  Totally lit by torches and candles, the native dancing and food were simply excellent. 


We had to be up bright and early the next morning for our tour into the Sierra Madre Mountains outside of Mazatlan.  It was a 7 hour tour to a working brick yard, handcrafted pottery and furniture place, and then to a very remote mountain village for lunch.  For me, this day was without question the most memorable.  To get away from the ocean front façade, away from the high-rise hotels and “Americanization” that lingers near the water was a VERY good thing.  Frankly, it’s something that every visitor to Mexico ought to do.  We were able to see first hand the REAL people of Mexico – how they struggle just to survive.  The feelings that ran through me were many.  I was in awe, at the way the folks can live in such “basic” conditions in this day and age.  I felt sympathy for these people, and then immediately felt guilty for feeling sorry for them.  Then I began to feel such gratitude for what I have and how I live, and then sort of felt guilty about that too.  What a mixed bag of emotion I felt.  What I do know is that I need to find something I can do to help – especially the children. 

We enjoyed a delicious lunch of traditional Mexican food (which I LOVE!!) and then made our way back to the ship. 


On Friday, we arrived at Cabo San Lucas.  It is a beautiful port and it was here that we got on a real America’s Cup Yacht and went out into the ocean for a sail.  This was something that DH had been dreaming of, and while we didn’t get to “race” the other yacht, we still had a fantastic time.  I would have loved a bit more shore time at Cabo, but they had us back on the ship by 3:30 and sailing away by 4. 



Some general cruise thoughts: 1. Cruise food is really NOT as great as it’s cracked up to be.  I mean, it’s ok, but it’s not “great”.  2. Yes, you can eat as much as you want, and the guy at our table ordered THREE lobster tails the night that was on the menu.  3. It was fun to meet our tablemates, Brad and Mary from California.  4. The bed and pillows on this Carnival ship were very comfortable, much more so than the previous cruises we were on.  5. Having a balcony room was fantastic! 6. Cruise ships should truly make an effort to separate smokers cabins from NON smokers cabins.  Our stateroom smelled strongly of smoke – but only from time to time!  We think it was coming in through the ventilation system!  7. Don’t expect the entertainment to be as good as Las Vegas.  If you keep your expectations down a bit, you’ll be satisfied.  8. I wanted to bring my cabin steward home with me!!  Having our room cleaned twice a day was a dream! 

Sunset from our balcony

Sunset from our balcony



Now it’s back to work, back to real life, and sadly, back to winter weather.  Ahhh, but without all those things, I wouldn’t appreciate my vacations nearly as much J




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