A letter to me

A Letter to Me


I’m no longer a huge listener of Country Music.  I used to absolutely LOVE it years ago, but sort of drifted away from listening regularly.  Recently I heard a song by Brad Paisley entitled “A letter to Me” – a song about a guy who wished he could have written his seventeen-year-old self a letter with all the knowledge and experience he has now.  What an interesting thought.  What would I tell the seventeen-year-old Mizsuzee?  It might go something like this….


Hey Suz,

Believe it or not, I’m the one mortal person who really knows you, and I hope you will pay some attention to what I’ve got to say!  Yeah, that’s right, turn down Seals & Crofts and have a listen.  It’s great that you’re doing well in school – those good grades will come in handy when you apply for College.  Yes, I know that’s already in your plans, but when you think about turning down the offer to go to Seattle Pacific U, RECONSIDER!  Get that Bachelors Degree – you will certainly thank me for it in the long run.  Don’t be afraid to leave your little home town, or feel like you need to go to Community College only.  And please don’t use the very lame excuse that you don’t want to go away to college because you can’t leave your boyfriend. 


Boyfriend.  Hmmmm now that’s another subject.  First, I’d like to tell you that the guy who dumped you and told you that you were “too boring” – well it might be smart to pay a little attention to that statement.  You really ARE sorta boring.  That guy – the one who shares so many of the same values, morals, and goals – He’s worth trying to keep!!  In a couple of years, you’ll be thinking about how great it would be to be married.  Girlfriend!  TAKE YOUR TIME!  You are NOT an old-maid at the age of 20.  Actually, it would be pretty smart on your part to wait till you are 25 or later to even think about marriage.  When you begin to seriously consider the lifelong commitment of marriage, please have a heart-to-heart talk to the ‘candidate’ about a few super important subjects : Parenthood, your dream of being a stay-at-home mom, the importance of God and the church in your life, your idea of the traditional role of a wife and mother, money management.  If the candidate’s ideas stray a long way from yours – PLEASE tell him “thanks, but no thanks.  This is what I want, this is what I believe is best for me and my future children.”  Stick to your guns.


Back to the college education….  I know you think you want to go into Nursing… and yes, it’s a very commendable profession.  But you are going to get extremely tired of working all sorts of odd hours, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.  The hours will get old in a hurry.  Maybe the original dream of Marine Biology wouldn’t be such a bad plan, either.  I think they keep much more human hours! 


Don’t let FEAR run your life.  Don’t be so afraid of leaving home, being alone, or failing at something.  Always remember to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”.  That’s a promise! 


Signed –

Your 50-something self








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