A computer free day

Yesterday I had a computer free day!  It was not by chance, or because my computer suddenly crashed.  It was a conscious choice – and by the end of my “CF” day, I realized that I really loved it!  I had accomplished more in one day than I’d done in ages.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but sometimes when I log on, I get “lost” cyberspace.  After checking my email accounts (yes, I have several), and doing a bit of research on whatever subject I may be interested in at the time; and possibly doing a bit of on-line banking (oh how I do love the convenience of that!); and checking on what books I have on order at the local library; well, after all that, I often go off on a wonderful, time consuming tangent – blog reading!!  Yes, a happy journey into blog-land is one of my favorite things to do on-line.  But yesterday, none of that was happening.  Nope.  The computer didn’t go on.  Didn’t fire the thing up.  No booting or uploading or downloading or any of that stuff.  Yesterday I did domestic things, some of which I’d been putting off for ages.  Or as my English husband might say “for donkey’s years”!  (That’s a funny expression, isn’t it?!)  Anyway, I had a great day yesterday.  Well most of it was great.  It became “great” after  we got home from the vet’s office (veterinarian, I mean) – which is such a traumatic event for our cat, that my OWN stomach gets tied up in knots over it.  So, aside from the vet, I had a marvelous, domestic, satisfying day! 

I finished up laundry that had been hanging around since last week, then did all our laundry from THIS week.  This time I got out the iron and ironing board and had them ready for use, as soon as the (thankfully few) items that needed a bit of pressing came out of the dryer.   Have I ever mentioned that laundry is my favorite household chore?  Well, it is — I get such pleasure in sorting, washing, and drying.  Used to be I’d have fun toting the wet clothes outside on a nice day and actually ENJOY hanging them all on the line.  Since I have no line here, that small thrill has been put on hold.  What I don’t  seem to like, is the putting away of all the neatly washed and folded stuff.  But, it was all done yesterday. 

Then I tackled the under-the-kitchen-sink mess.  I took everything out, wiped it all down, and returned the stuff that was needed.  Woohoo!  I hate a messy under-the-sink area!!  From there I moved into swiffering the kitchen floor and dusting.  Dear hubby, who was also off work yesterday, joined in the “fun” with the vacuum.  Then it was time to ORGANIZE my recipe drawer.  Wow.  Now this was gonna take some time. 

I LOVE to cook… and therefore I LOVE to collect/save all sorts of magazine clippings, handwritten recipes on cards, and of course cookbooks!  Well, the recipe drawer was a disaster, and it was not one that could be fixed in a matter of twenty minutes.  Nope, I had to go through each and every one and decide just which “pile” I would put them into.  There was the “Save for Later” pile.  The “hey, I just may make this in the next couple weeks” pile.  And the “I know I’ll never make this” pile, which was really a garbage sack.  It was actually fun going through each and every one… and when I was done, well I have a nice neat recipe drawer again!  Yup, a feeling of accomplishment for sure! 

After dinner, we settled in to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  This is something we love every 2 years.  Yup, every two years there is either a summer Olympics, or a winter one – and we watch them all!  It really was a spectacular sight – very well done in my humble opinion, by the Chinese.  We didn’t make it until the end, the lighting of the Olympic torch… so we DVR’d it and watched the rest this morning.  SO glad we did! 

In summary, I enjoyed my computer-free day so much, that I’m going to make it a regular thing.  Maybe once a week or so, I’ll proclaim it my CF day.  I have a feeling I’ll amaze myself with all the things I will accomplish.  🙂


2 thoughts on “A computer free day

  1. Yes! Love those CF days, too. Oh, and I have that BC cookbook! Found it at a yard sale…. I love old cookbooks, too, and I’m trying to limit myself to just ones I *love,* and not just any old thing. 🙂 Oh, and I loved your beautiful mountain pics above!Blessings, Debra

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