Friday update

No word yet on the home in California — no problem, I’m more than willing to wait it out!   In the mean time, we keep researching other properties, just in case…

Spent yesterday with son #1 and his girlfriend, as we attended the Steely Dan concert at the Chateau Ste Michelle winery in Woodinville.  It was my first experience at Ste Michelle, and it was great!!!  The only problem was the rain.  Yup, it wouldn’t hold off just one more day, so by the end of the concert (which is held outdoors, rain or shine) we were drenched.  Yeah, we had raincoats, hoods, umbrella, waterproof blanket – all of which kept us relatively dry till the end, when we waited in a long line up for the shuttle bus that would take us back to the parking lot.    At any rate, I loved the festival atmosphere, the fact that it was at a winery and we could enjoy some of the great Chateau Ste Michelle vino, and the music too of course!!  It was fun to hang out with “the kids”.  🙂  Heck, they were some of the youngest people there — lots of 50 somethings and quite a few “old hippies” showed up also!  Definitely a day to remember.

Here’s a picture of the outdoor concert venue and what it COULD have looked like – on a sunnier day!

Here is some of the wine we sampled last night, although the vintage was probably 2007.


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