We play the waiting game

We got a call last night from our wonderful Palm Springs Realtor, telling us that one of our offers was NOT accepted.  The owners (a bank) took an offer that was higher than ours.  Oh well.  It’s ok, there are no tears shed here.  Now we wait until at least next week to hear about the other house.  By the way, the house we did not get was the “fixer upper” 3 Bedroom, 2 bath.  The one we are now waiting on is the 2 BR/ 2 Bath in the golf course community.  If both of these places fall through, we will keep on looking online – until we feel like the chance for getting a ‘great deal’ has past.  I’ve always thought of myself as a patient person, so I’m more than willing to wait and see what happens.

This week it was back to work for both of us.  Kind of a rude awakening, after two glorious weeks off!  Of course I wasn’t able to ease back in to it all gently…. no – we are having an unprecedented population explosion at work!  Every single bed in our unit was full – so full that some babies were moved to “overflow” units.  Considering we have a total of 60 beds for ill or premature neonates – and they have all been full, well that means some busy, busy days. 

I’ve just finished reading two fantastic books, and will review them today in my “Books Read 2008” section.  Ok, I will freely admit it.  While I think I have darn near the best job on earth, I LOVE MY DAYS OFF!!!!  I sat outside this morning in the lovely sunshine and finished my book, all while taking in some much needed Vitamin D.  I read somewhere that you can’t store up Vit. D  — which is a shame, since we get essentially NO sun here for 8 months a year!  Oh well.  That’s what pills are for I guess.   One thing I am determined to accomplish this summer is to make some more jam.  My dad LOVES raspberry jam, and since there are oodles of raspberry farms near here, I think it may be just about time to get busy on that task.  Yes, I think I’ll plan a “day of picking” – raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries too.  I can’t let summer get away from me like I did last year!


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