Some possibilities

We have spent 3 grueling days looking at property!!!  It is so much fun, but work too.  I keep a notebook of all the places we see with our impressions written down, I snap some photos, hubby has taken bits and pieces of video for us to review as well.  I think what’s also sort of tiring for us is THE HEAT!!  In and out of the airconditioned car — from reasonable temps to 108 — over and over again.    Today we checked out one of those “over 55” communities.  It was nice, but we just weren’t sold on it.   You can get a great house, and they are offering quite a few free “upgrades”, but we simply found others we liked better. 

Here’s a sampling of what we have seen…  Keep in mind that ALL of these places are in foreclosure.  We have learned that when people find out they are going to be foreclosed on, they tend to “trash” the home they are living in!  Some of the places have been absolutlely horrific.  Well, maybe not quite that bad but it really is amazing what some of them look like.  One house had the microwave oven smashed up, many others were super dirty, with many closet doors torn off and cabinet doors askew.  Foreclosure homes (AKA bank owned) are normally sold “as is”.  In other words you can’t ask the seller to fix this or that.  You take it on as YOUR project! 

Here are some pictures of places we have seen. 


One thought on “Some possibilities

  1. Oh! How fun to be looking for a new house. I hope you will find just the perfect place. One foreclosure we looked at years ago had huge holes in each wall and all the windows broken out (the guy had taken an axe to it all). I’d never heard of such a thing before–how sad. It was on a lovely piece of property yet was on a street where all the houses were squeezed together and we already had that. heh. But some people did later fix the house up and we were glad to see it loved again. Best wishes in your search! Blessings, Debra

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