In the good old summer time……………

I’ve done a lot of complaining on this blog about not getting any decent weather…. well, I think all the prayers were heard as we have had some really lovely sunshine the past two weeks.  In fact, while it rained again today, more sun is predicted for next week and I’m thrilled.   I’ve got quite a few pots planted and several hanging baskets as well – and everything seems to be thriving 🙂 

A few days back I celebrated another birthday.  Birthdays are not “big stuff” around here.  Dear hubby suggested we go out for either lunch or dinner and I chose lunch.  Had a super yummy grilled veggie pita sandwich that was very satisfying.  Since we were both off work that day, we did a bit of last minute shopping for our “murder mystery” party we were putting on that weekend.  Then it was home to watch our pitiful Mariners play baseball on TV.  Actually, they are improving leaps and bounds since a bunch of the big wigs, including the coach, were fired!  So… I’m good and well into my 50’s now – my gosh that sounds O-L-D.  Funny.  I remember many years back when I was oh…. about 19.  My dear friend Kathy and I were going to the local drug store where they were having a sale on feminine hygiene products.  We looked at each other and said… “shoot, we are gonna need these for-ever so lets buy LOTS!”  We did.  At 99 cents each box, we must have purchased 20 boxes.  Back then I couldn’t forsee the future of never needing such products again.  Well, the future is now.  Heck, 35 sounded old, let alone 50-something.  Ahhh well, it’s another wonderful phase of life.  I truly believe that each day is a gift and it’s our responsibility to make the best of it!

Last weekend was the fun “Murder on the Grill” mystery party.  With plenty of warm weather, we were able to do the entire party outside.  Here is a picture of the “girls” :

This picture shows “Miss Kansas City 1959”, “Chubby Cheddar”, “Peggy Sue” in front, blonde “Barbi-Q” behind Peggy Sue, and “Bobbi Sox”.  Yes, I was playing the part of a man!  It was really a load of fun, set in 1959.  We had 50’s music playing in the background and even managed to find some old fashioned coke in bottles!!  For the dinner part of “Murder on the Grill”, we had — of course — hamburgers and hot dogs.  For dessert I made my best rendition of Red Velvet Cake, which I thought was a fairly good representation of a 1959 treat.  After making the cake, I reconsidered my dessert plan and thought, “I should have made Jello”.  Wasn’t Jello a dessert in the 50’s?  Hey, theres always room for Jello! 🙂 Oh well, next time. 

When it got dark, we lit up the Tiki Torches and the Hula Hoop contest began!  Followed directly by the LIMBO contest!!  All I dare say is that my back was killing me the next day. 


The night ended around the firelight, where the true “murderer” was revealed!  I don’t dare say just who it was in case anyone happens to come across “Murder on the Grill” at a garage sale or something!!   If you’ve never tried a Murder Mystery dinner party – DO!  It’s great fun!!

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