Snippets of life

  • It’s been a very strange “spring” here.  The constant rain and grey skies are downright depressing.  Last night there was snow falling on Snoqualmie Pass!  This is simply unheard of  in June.  For the first time that I can remember, I haven’t filled my back deck containers/pots with flowers- yet.  Digging in mud is simply not appealing to me.  I have three hanging baskets and haven’t had to water them at all — Mother Nature is doing it for me.   We are used to rain around these parts, but it’s been a daily occurrence now since last October.  Sigh.   Hovering in front of our heat dish in June is crazy!
  • When we first told people that we are going to Palm Springs for a week in July,  they thought we were nuts.  After all, we all know what the weather is like there in mid-summer… blistering hot!   Guess what?  We’ve begun to hear a few “got room for us?” comments passing people’s lips!  We’ve decided that if all the summer we get is that one week in Palm Springs, then that will be OK.  At least we’ll have had a week of sunshine, swimming, and cook outs.  Yeah…. we’ll call it our “compact summer”.
  • I love feeding the wildlife around here (except the deer which annoy me no end).  I’ve had quite an array lately of large and small creatures, squirrels, hummingbirds, and other birds of many types.  The latest being a Western Tanager.  They love the sunflower seeds and suet that I put out regularly.  The hummingbirds have been devouring the sugar syrup in the feeder lately – probably in shock at the cold temps and trying to just stay fueled! 
  • Work has been particularly difficult lately.  I LOVE my job – and I’m not just saying that.  I work at a great place with exceptional people, doing something I dreamed of ever since I was a little girl.  No, it’s true!  When I was about 10, my mom and I used to volunteer one Sunday a month in the church “nursery”.  I was crazy about babies and it was my only chance to be around them.  Who’d have known that I would spend my entire career (now pushing  29 years) taking care of babies?  I believe it was divine intervention… but I digress.  Life at work has been really tough of late.  A series of extremely unfortunate events has happened involving people from work.  One nurse died quite suddenly and unexpectedly – and that really shook us all.  Since then (that was last month), there have been at least four other really sad and difficult things happen to either one of us or our significant others.   Every day we look at each other and ask quite literally “what could be next?”  In the mean time, I think we are appreciating each other a little more, and looking at each day as more of the gift that it really is.
  • We had a fantastic weekend two weeks ago when son #2 and dear DIL were here!  The guys went golfing and the girls did a bit of shopping 🙂  It was really extra special when DIL went with me – and encouraged me – to get some of my long, wild hair chopped off.  Never having had a daughter to hang out with, it’s sure been fantastic to now have my dear DIL!  Woohoo! 
  • Speaking of my dear DIL, has anyone ever heard of Silpada jewelry?  I’ll admit that I hadn’t, and I’m not a really big jewelry lover or wearer… however – this stuff is gorgeous!  She is getting into doing the Silpada home parties and I’m hoping to have one in August.
  • While “the kids” were here visiting, I made a really yummy breakfast casserole!  I took a couple pictures which I haven’t downloaded yet, but if they turn out, I plan to do a post featuring it plus the recipe, of course.
  • On the subject of food…………. I think I’ve mentioned in earlier posts how much I like Martha Stewart’s EVERYDAY FOOD magazine.  This month they have a recipe that I want to highly recommend.  I made it on Sunday evening, and honestly, it was so delicious!  It’s from issue 52, May 2008.  “Flank steak with asparagus and snap pea stir fry”   Long name, but not too many ingredients, and super yummy.  We left out the 4 cloves of garlic because we were both going to work the next day and it still turned out to be SO flavorful! 
  • I’m thinking that may be enough ‘snippets’ for this time.   Time to have a wander outside and breathe in some of the freshest air in the world.  Yup, one good thing about the rain, it REALLY cleans the air and our air is nearly medicinal,  it’s so clean 🙂

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