A day trip. Some random thoughts

Yesterday we took a day trip up to Canada.  From our home it’s not terribly far, so we do this every so often.  Our eventual goal was to end up at one of my favorite stores, IKEA, but since “leisurely” was the word for the day, we took our time getting there.  We drove out into the countryside where again, I got the “bug” to own some acreage someday.  Ahhhh the ever famous “someday”.  Even though I am no kid, I still haven’t given up the hope and dream to one day own a bit of land.  I don’t need a lot.  Just enough for a veggie garden, some berries, lots of flowers, room for a dog, etc etc.   On our slow-paced trip, we drove past acres and acres of berry farms.  Our area of Washington is one of the biggest berry producers in the US.  Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, currants, and more.  We saw neat rows of lovely lush greenery – and the promise of many ripe berries to come our way this summer.  Yes, i think this year I will BE SURE and get plenty of fresh berries to make into jam and to freeze for other uses throughout the winter.  I kinda let “berry season” pass me by last year.  Not this year!

As we drove up towards the Canadian border, you couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous snow-capped peaks.  It’s been such an long, cold winter that snow is still lingering in mid-May.  I’m sure the British Columbia Olympic Committee is hoping for a winter in 2010 JUST like the one we had last year.  Lots of snow for the Winter Olympics! 

In one farmer’s field stood the most gorgeous Bald Eagle – it’s been a while since I’ve seen one, and he was simply gorgeous.  What a great symbol of our country!! 

When it was time to cross the border, we were ready with our new NEXUS passes in hand.  How fantastic it was to be able to buzz past L-O-N-G lineups going into Canada.  It was a great feeling to just hold up the card to the card-reader thingy (forgive me, I simply don’t understand electronics!), smile at the Border Guard guy, and keep on going. 🙂 

Next thing we knew, we had arrived at our destination, IKEA.  OK, I LOVE  this store.  What a fantastic place to wander through, dream, plan, imagine, discover, and BUY!  We did go with an item in mind that we needed, and I am proud to report that we left with only said item.  That was tough, let me tell you!  May I say it again?  I LOVE IKEA!!  

As we were driving through the parking lot at Ikea, we noticed something I HAVE NEVER SEEN before!!  Check this out!!!!!   And this!

Hybrid Car parking only!  WOW.  And it was a nice spot too, right near the front of the store.  It reminded me of when we lived in Arizona for a short time.  That’s the only place I’ve ever seen “Expectant Mother Parking” spots in front of the Target store!!!  Interesting. 

It’s fun to turn on the radio to Canadian stations while we are there…. so we tuned it to 980 CKNW.  What we heard the short time we listened was amazing.  Apparently a human FOOT had surfaced in the waters near Vancouver (in the Georgia Strait).  What’s even more amazing is that this is the FOURTH FOOT to surface this year.  No heads, arms, or other body parts.  Just feet.  How weird is that?  A news blurb is here.

Before we knew it we were bypassing the lengthy lineups and waving those NEXUS cards again, this time at the American border guards (who tend to be much LESS nice than the Canadians).  Again we were greeted with a smile and a “Have an nice day, folks”.  YEE-HAW.  I love NEXUS!!!

As we approached our little piece of heaven (AKA-home), DH suggested we stop in at a local Chinese restaurant for dinner.  I seconded the motion and we enjoyed a great meal.  To be honest, we almost never go out for dinner.  I guess that’s mostly because we live about 20 minutes from a decent restaurant.  So the Chinese place was truly a treat. 

Once we arrived home we did something we rarely do.  We did NOT turn on the TV.  With the windows wide open, we could hear all the birds singing their nearly-nighttime songs….what a beautiful chorus.  Tiny hummingbirds buzzed in for a bedtime snack just as the light was beginning to wane and the slightly-older-married-couple looked at each other contently.  A lovely day. 



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