Mom was “green”

We hear a lot these days about “going green”.  Well, my Mom (who now is in Heaven) was apparently ahead of her time.  She thought it was being “thrifty”… the thought of “going green” never would have entered her head.  I believe that Mom worked hard to be a “Proverbs 31” woman – in her own way.

Mom never had a dishwasher (other than me).  The dishes would dry nicely in the dish drainer every day.  Mom never had a Dryer.  I mean clothes dryer.  We had a clothesline outside for use in the spring, summer and fall.  When winter rolled around she had lines strung up in our basement.  Mom never had a microwave.  Nope, she never used one, not ever.  Even after it was all the rage and every other family member got one, mom said “no, I have gotten along just fine all these years without one, I sure don’t need one now”.  Mom never drove.  Well I shouldn’t say never.  But never that I ever saw.  I guess she drove a time or two way back before I came along.  She either walked, took the bus, or of course rode with Dad.  Mom grew a huge garden every year.  She froze or canned whatever we didn’t eat.  What she couldn’t grow, she bought at local farm stands and froze or canned.  Mom made homemade bread at least twice a month which was for toast, sandwiches, rolls, pizza crusts, etc.  No joke.  It was like heaven on earth! She made all her own pies (none of those store bought crusts!), cakes, banana bread, and OH- the cookies.  Sometimes she made sweet dough which she turned into cinnamon rolls, butter horns, or moch kuchen.  Mom was a coupon clipper extraordinaire!  She watched the grocery sales from week to week and found all the ‘bargains’.  We almost never went out to eat.  At the time I thought that was horrible.  Mom always saved the wax paper stuff that was inside cereal boxes – to use again for another purpose.  She always re-used plastic bags and aluminum foil too.  I kid you not; we reused the same Christmas wrapping paper for years before it was finally thrown out. 

When I got married and then pregnant (yup, it did happen in that order J ) Mom encouraged me to use cloth diapers for my babies – which I did.  Not because it was the “green” thing to do, but because it was what we could afford.  Now it’s trendy to steer away from disposable diapers.  Mom taught me how to stretch a dollar as far as it could go, and at the same time she taught me how to be “green”.  She could have written a book entitled “Go Green: Save the Earth and Your Money!”  I’m pretty sure Mom didn’t leave much of a “carbon footprint”. Thanks Mom, for all you did.  I’m not sure I said that often enough.  You really were “More precious than rubies”. 


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