Vacation pictures added!

Some time ago (about 6 months), we went on a fantastic vacation.  My dear DIL reminded me that I had obviously forgotten to  blog about this great trip, and of course only one picture (my current header photo) was posted.  Today I got around to opening a Flickr account and posted a sidebar of random photos from the trip.  If you click on the bottom where it says “more photos” you can see the rest of them. 

All the places we visited last year were totally new to us.  We flew into New York City then got onto a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship, the “Norwegian Spirit” – which took us out of New York Harbor and north to Eastern Canada (aka “the Maritimes”).  We stopped at Halifax Nova Scotia, St John New Brunswick, then down to Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, and back to NYC.  We then spent three glorious autumn days in NYC.  I particularly loved going to two Broadway musicals — it was one of those things I think I had always dreamed about, and it finally happened.  🙂

 I believe in an earlier blog I mentioned how much I love to travel, but that coming home is nothing short of wonderful.  I still feel that way, but I’m getting the “itch” to go somewhere new again!  My dear English/Canadian/American (yes, he holds all three citizenships!) husband and I have been looking seriously at just where we’d like to escape to this year.  Another cruise?  Well, maybe…. but to where?  Ok.  We really (and I do mean really) want to do a Mediterranean cruise that would encompass Rome, Greece, some Greek Islands, and maybe Monte Carlo or Barcelona.  We have looked at prices and the cruise itself isn’t too bad when you consider you get transportation-food-lodging all rolled into one price.  BUT, cruise fare plus the airfare is a killer.  We won’t be headed to Europe this year, not even with the income tax rebate check that is supposed to be coming our way soon.  We have also considered a trip to Washington DC since neither of us have been there – and it’s a “maybe”.  My concern is that the Smithsonian Museum that I most want to see is still closed for renovations.  It’s been two years now that the National Museum of American History has been closed.  So until I get a firm date for the grand re-opening, I won’t be buying any airline tickets.  Wherever we go (assuming we go anywhere in this year of recession and belt-tightening) it will again be an autumn trip.  A great time of year to explore sights unseen! 


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