What’s with all the Canadian babies?

I don’t normally write political posts – not that I don’t have plenty of my own political views and opinions –  so this is not a political post … or is it?  Not really.  First off I must prequel this by saying that I love Canadians!  I mean it!  I’m married to one!  And we have some really fantastic Canadian friends and relatives.   My beef concern is with the Canadian government and how they fail to deliver proper healthcare to their expectant mothers!   Last fall we had a big “run” on Canadian babies in our hospital.. and guess what?  They’re baaaack!!  Check out this news story on FoxNews written last October.  Not sure if that whole article is acurate, but most of it is.  I’m positive there is a misprint towards the end where they say that the Canadian government pays “upwards of $1000 per child” for airlifts and treatment – or maybe they just meant for the transport to an American hospital because there is unequivocally NO WAY that number is correct if you include the expense of hospitalization.   The Canadian government is paying our hospital BIG BUCKS to treat these moms and their preterm infants who require very specialized (expensive!) care.  In some cases, the babies who are born preterm, spend months here.  During that time the Canadian government help subsidize housing and expenditures for the parents who understandably don’t want to be separated from their newly born children.  Cha-ching!  They are racking up monster sized bills – paid for by the taxpaying Canadian citizens… and the big question is WHY? 

I did a little informal poll around work asking just that question – WHY are they forced to come here to deliver?  Most people say because they don’t have enough staff up there, and they relate that to Canadian nurses not being paid very well.  After looking at the April 2008 ‘wage grid’ for the BC nurses union, their wages are very much in line with ours.  The Fox News article cited above led us to believe that they simply don’t have the facilities, but then mentioned the lack of properly trained nursing staff as well.  Whatever the problem may be, it is obviously still a big issue as we are again getting plenty of unhappy Canadian families, forced to be away from their extended families and normal surroundings – just because a mom has gone into preterm labor.  It’s a shame, really. 

The bottom line for me is NOT that I resent caring for Canadian families.  Nope, I don’t mind a bit.  My fear is that someday the USA might end up living out the Canadian way of government-run healthcare.  Michael Moore thinks it’s a great system.  Hmmmmmmm, he might just change his tune if HE lived in Canada. 


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