Happy Easter

Easter Sunday 1962This is me.  Easter Sunday, 1962.  Ok, there I go, admitting my age again.  Yes, I am O-L-D, or at least I’m getting there.  But isn’t it great to reminisce?

These days it seems to be all the fashion to talk about having had a terrible childhood and all the abuse you were subject to.   Well, I can’t slip into that genre.  I had a wonderful childhood.  No, we were definitely not rich, and my parents were certainly not perfect.  But we had LOVE.  Love that was evident between the parental units, mixed in with love showered upon the kids.  Obviously I look back at it all a bit differently than when I was living it – my childhood, I mean.  But lets focus on Easter. 

Easter was a big deal in our household.  We held with all those traditions – like getting new clothes to wear to church on the big day.  DEFINITELY attending Sunday School and Church.  Having family over to visit/eat a big meal – most likely Ham – after church.  I loved Easter time.  I loved coloring eggs with my mom – always on Saturday the day before Easter.  I loved getting all dressed up in my new stuff.  Check out the hat, gloves, white patent leather shoes, and even the cute little “purse” that had my offering money in it.  My granny made my new dress.  Imagine aqua blue colored gingham with white rick rack.   I still love the Easter hymns like “He Arose” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”  and “He Lives”.    You know, I hope that the Easter ‘experience’ is still much the same even for today’s kids, with a loving family, fun traditions, and of course celebrating Christ’s victory over death.  Happy Easter everyone!


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