The late winter blues

desert-springs.jpgI’m getting a little sick of winter.  Funny thing, when we lived those four years in the California desert, I was flat out craving all-things-winter.  Maybe that’s human nature, looking at things you used to have and wishing you had them again.  Now I’m itching for the sunshine and the warmth that comes with spring/summer.  When we lived in California, we didn’t have seasons.  Nope, out there in the desert we had “Pleasant” (which meant the days didn’t go above 90 and the nights managed to drop below 60), and we had “Big time burn your hands on the steering wheel Summer”.   I got sick of knowing that every day I’d wake up to the sunshine.  I wanted some change.  Well, I got it.  Except the “change” meant that I’d be faced with waking up for 5 months (at least!) of the year to gray skies and often times rain.  Here we go again, human nature… hard to be happy with what we’ve got.  Thats a shame really, and I need to get over it!   Which brings me to the topic of contentment. 

Sometimes it’s good for the soul to write out a list of things you are grateful for.  So here’s a short list in no particular order:

  • New glasses, that I can read AND see distances with… AND that the insurance company paid for in FULL 🙂
  • Money enough to pay the bills and that includes the PROPANE bill (which has gotten pretty darn bad) and my gasoline bill – which is also qutite hefty.
  • A wonderful loving husband who was sure blessed with a sense of humor
  • Good health
  • A job that allows me more that twice as much time at home than at work.
  • Fantastic neighbors
  • The knowledge that yes, SPRING IS COMING, soon.

One more “cheery” thing —  check out  — I did, and woohoo!  I found out that T-Mobile has some money they are just itching to give to me!!  This is a totally legit website.  Who knows, you might just find some long-lost $$ too. 

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