Cookies and other meanderings

Wow, what a string of great weather we’ve been having of late.  Seeing sunshine and BLUE skies has done me (and I’m sure a wealth of other westsiders) a world of good this week!  Spring is actually coming!  My roses are sprouting little leaves!  The daffodils are poking their green necks up – actually about six inches or so already.  DH and I spent some time outside today cleaning up the back decks and generally preparing for what is really on it’s way – Spring! 🙂  Yay!  Next thing you know, I will get the “bug” for spring cleaning, although it hasn’t hit quite yet.  I don’t go crazy with spring cleaning, but I do love the windows sparkling and I take down what curtains I have and wash them.  This year I might be a bit more thorough and get a bag or two going of stuff I no longer need and want to donate – OR – stuff that flat out belongs in the garbage.  I really *do* love to de-clutter.

Tomorrow is a work day for me and I got a phone call from the charge nurse this afternoon.  He informed me that tomorrow is the birthday of one of our co-workers, and asked if I could bring “something, shoot anything” to the potluck.  Ok, we live 15-20 minutes from the nearest grocery store, so my plan was to bring something that I already had here at home.  I considered the bag of Doritos which were left over from “game night” that was here at our house last night…. but thought that would be pretty lame.  So………  I made some cookies.  Coconut Macaroons to be exact.  Thought they would go good with the Chinese themed Dim sum we are apparently going to be having tomorrow.   I love making these cookies!  They are yummy and simple — two very good things! 

Coconut Macaroons I hope they’ll be a hit at the “party” tomorrow.  Because they are soooo good and soooo easy, I thought I’d share the recipe.  I cut it out of either “Taste of Home” magazine or “Country Woman”.  I used to LOVE those magazines, until Reiman publications of Wisconsin decided to sell out to the Readers Digest.  I mean, they are still probably nice magazines, but compared to what they used to be … well I’ll just say that I no longer subscribe.  Anyway, here’s the picture of the recipe.  It’s obviously well-used.  I doubled it to make enough to take to work.  cookie-recipe.jpg Remember to click on the picture to enlarge it. 

I’m also happy to announce that I have started stitching another project which is slated to be a Christmas gift for this coming year.  Unfortunately, I can’t show pics of this one because DDIL has requested a link to my blog – which I will be sharing with her as soon as she and #2 Son come over and see the finished wedding sampler.  Other projects that I start throughout the year will be displayed 🙂   Speaking of being crafty, a huge majority of gals I work with are seriously into knitting!  So far, that’s not my thing, although I am tempted to take a class and give it a try.  It honestly doesn’t look that hard…. maybe I’m dreaming?  Anyway, my Granny used to embroider, do needlepoint, and also ‘regular’ cross stitch, so I guess that’s how I got hooked on the needle and thread type crafts. 

DH and I went to our first garage sale of the year yesterday!!  It was a huge sale held indoors at a church.  I had a ball rooting through piles and piles of books and picked out 4 to bring home.  Ahhhhh… so many books, so little time!  They truly are my one serious weakness!  The “to read” pile can never be too large in my humble opinion.   More later!


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