StitchingAnyone who has read the “Elm Creek Quilt” books by Jennifer Chiaverini will know what UFO’s are.  And I have a lot of them!!!  Un – Finished – Objects.  I used to love cross stitching… and then I got older and my eyes were not what they used to be.  Instead of just holding the fabric tucked tightly into the embroidery hoop and stitching… I now need magnifying glasses to see where to poke that needle.  I started a baby bib for a co-worker who had that baby over a year ago and is now pregnant with another — and has left the workplace altogether!  I started not one, but THREE different wedding samplers for my #2 son and daughter in law – until I settled onto the one that I really liked.  I started a hummingbird picture for myself, back when we lived in California and actually had hummingbirds year ’round that I loved to feed and watch.  We even had a teeny, tiny hummingbird nest one year in our Ficus tree – what it treat that was to watch the hummingbird parents sit faithfully on that tiny egg.  Ahhh but I digress…  I have many projects started but not completed.  Here’s a sample:

UFO’s  Since it was one of my New Year “resolutions” to complete the aforementioned wedding sampler, I sat down yesterday with my audio book going in the background, and FINISHED it!!  Tomorrow it goes to the framer.  I hope to get a custom made heart-shaped mat to go around it, and then have it cut to fit into a squarish sized frame.  Of course I will post the final result, but here’s a shot of it finished – before it takes the trip to the framer.  Remember, you can click on the photos to enlarge.

Wedding sampler  Oh I hope they will like it, even though it took me so long to complete.  Anyway, finishing this project has given me a new…. zest for cross stitching again!!  I realized that I can see pretty darn good with those “granny glasses” and that I really DO want to try to make some gifts this year.  I’ve always felt something special about giving (or receiving) a handmade gift.  It’s as though the person has given something of themselves.  I love that thought!  So, watch through the year and see what I’m actually able to accomplish in the way of gift making.  Now, it’s time to get stitching again!! 🙂


One thought on “UFO’s

  1. Well done Susan….wedding sampler finished at last…..they will love it!! Now onto your next project. When you get my letter you will see that I have finished my horses…..you have prompted me to start my next piece….Love Glenda

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