Quiet Christmas Peace

Christmas PeaceIt’s upon us.  Christmas.  All the pre-Christmas hoopla is pretty much over.  Oh, we have one more round of guests coming for dinner today – but then it’s done.  I am already looking forward to the peace that I hope to experience starting later tonight and all the way through Christmas Eve.  Quiet.  Christmas.  Peace.   I’m picturing hubby and I snuggled up with Jinx the cat, watching one of the old, black-n-white wonderful Christmas movies, in front of the fire.  Sipping on a bit of eggnog possibly.  Oblivious to the rest of the world for just a little while 🙂  Ahhh, yes….. and what’s great is – I think it really will happen!  No more parties, no more big meals, no more work-related events.  Just quiet Christmas peace. 

Reality hits for me bright and early on Christmas morning, as I bundle up and head into the city for a 12 hour shift at work.  Sigh.   I’ve been a nurse for oh…. 28 years or so, and I always hate having to work on special holidays.   But as we (nurses) all say, it’s a fact of life and honestly- somebody has to do it.     So, just a couple of days early, I’m wishing everyone a really wonderful Christmas…. and some  Quiet.  Christmas.  Peace.  of your own.  


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