autumnIn the medical world, “nesting” is usually taken as the time shortly before a woman gives birth, when she gets her world ready for the new little one…. when she gets prepared to focus mostly on the new baby.   Obviously that’s not the case for me 🙂  But I still feel like I’ve been “nesting” this week.  I think it’s more like getting ready for the long, gray, wet winter that is undoubtedly coming our way – as it does every year.   I got very motivated this week on my stretch of days off, to do some serious cleaning.  Part of it may be from reading this blog.  This woman inspires me!!!  Anyway, I took on several of my kitchen cupboards – specifically my “spice” cabinet.  First I took everything out and noticed that I had lots of duplicates of stuff.  Much of it was actually quite old – and what is it ‘they’ say about how long to keep spices?  1 year for herbs or ground spices. 2 years for whole spices.  Ok, well most of my stuff was quite a bit older than that.  After looking it all over, I discarded the things I felt were past their prime, and rearranged what was left.  Then I took stock of stuff I was missing or had to discard due to age.  I made a small list of what I needed, and happily meandered to the computer to order from my favorite spice people, Penzeys.  I love their spices and selection!  Here is a photo of the newly cleaned and reorganized spice cupboard! 

spice cupboard

After finishing that, and several other cupboards, I felt compelled to continue 🙂  I remembered something I either heard or read years ago from good ol’ Martha Stewart.  She was encouraging people to actually use their good dishes, flatware, crystal, etc instead of keeping them locked up for 364 days a year in a china cabinet — or in my case, the garage in a box!  So what did I do?  I removed all my everyday Corelle dishes from the cupboard and tucked them away for safekeeping.  Then I carried in the box full of Spode.  Not only does this stuff have sentimental value, I think it’s really quite pretty.  It was given to me about 17 years ago by my (now deceased) Aunt and Uncle, who never had children of their own.  They had received it (or purchased it) as a wedding gift in 1936.  I’m not sure, but I think these dishes could now truly qualify as ‘antique’.  Prior to Thursday of this week, I had used these lovely old dishes a total of 4 times.  Four times in 17 years.  How ridiculous is that???  I carefully unwrapped each plate, cup, and saucer, setting them aside to be cleaned.  After a good wipe-out of the cabinet, and a good wash-up of the dishes, I happily replaced them into my cupboard, ready to be used and enjoyed every day.  Which is precisely what I think my dear Aunt would have wanted.  Here are a couple of pictures of my pretty Spode Buttercup.  Circa 1936.


Spode Buttercup

Who uses teacups and saucers anymore?  Well, call me crazy, but I intend to give it a try.  When we were in Australia back in 2001 I remember being amazed that every time you ordered coffee (or tea), it arrived in a proper teacup with a saucer and teaspoon!  I loved that!  So, knowing that someday I’d want them, I bought a set of 8 cute, proper, teaspoons.  I do believe that now is the time to bring them out, polish them up, and begin to have as my English husband would say, “civilized” tea…. (or coffee). 


2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Hey Susan… I’m always inspired by Brocante Home, too. I like the unique way she looks at things. Your spice cabinet looks wonderful and what pretty dishes! Keep up the good work… Blessings, Debra

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