Adventure awaits

nyc.jpgThe time has finally come for us to begin to pack our bags, get all our paperwork in order, and board the plane for a new adventure.  We will be literally taking off in a couple of days for the big city.  And I do mean the *big* city!  I have been blessed to visit London, Paris, and Sydney, and now it’s time for the American version of big… New York City.  Actually, I’m not really much of a city person, but have always enjoyed visiting them from time to time… but to me, coming HOME is just as much fun!  Anyway, this time we will be traveling with our Canadian friends – the first time we have gone on a “major trip” with another couple.  Should be interesting!  We will board a cruise ship in NYC and visit more uncharted territory (for us)- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Boston.  After the cruise we’ll have 3 extra days to explore The Big Apple, like millions of tourists before us.  Of course I have spent hours poring over guide books, and websites like  After much discussion, we decided to take in a couple of Broadway musicals; do a big tour of the big city; take a trip up the Empire State Bldg; visit an Irish pub or two; see the Ellis Island Museum/Monument; possibly do a Circle Line harbor tour around Manhattan; and who knows what else?!  The food, that’s what else!!  I’m anxious to try some real NY pizza, proper bagels,  and don’t forget a visit to a *real* deli!!  Ahhh the possibilities are endless!

In the end, I simply hope to have a grand time with the one I love, and to make more wonderful memories.  Stay tuned for some pictures of the trip, next time. 🙂


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