Sunset at the beachIt’s been too long since I sat down to add some words to my blog.  August was a busy month, with lots going on — at home, at work, and even a small escape to the beach.  I have to say that it’s been a strange summer here.  More cool and cloudy days than sunny ones by far.  Now I am aware that we are known for our clouds and rain, but NOT during the summer months!  This year has been the exception to our normal summer rule.  Still, we did have a few very lovely days.  It makes me a bit sad to think that summer is creeping to a close, and then all we can really expect is rain, rain, and more rain.  Well, I won’t dwell on it just yet. 

The picture at the top of the page was taken at sunset (obviously!) on August 17th on the Washington State Long Beach peninsula.  We rented a beach house with our son and daughter in law, AND the two Beagles… Bojangles and Buckley!  The photo was taken from the deck of said beach house.   The next day we got out onto the beach with dogs and kites.   You can click on any of the photos to enlarge 🙂

two handed kite flying FUN!         august-2007-011.jpg      august-2007-012.jpg

I sure love flying those two handed kites!  And aren’t the doggies and DD-I-L cuties too! 🙂   The guys got to go out on a charter boat and caught their limit of wild Pacific salmon — which was great fun for them.  Personally, one trip out on a charter boat (in 1973) was quite enough for me!!  My job will be preparing the yummy, healthy fish – thank you very much!   Our beach trip was only for a long weekend, but that’s ok.  We returned home to work and then houseguests the next weekend.  

Last night it was time to take all the garbage out to the curb (that means the regular garbage AND the recycling), and as I walked out to begin the task, just look at what I came upon, sitting happy as a couple of clams in my neighbor’s driveway……………..

The twins!

So cute!  No sign of their mom, anywhere – but I’m sure she was nearby.  The deer around here are MUCH too tame.  It might have something to do with all the food that is served to them on a proverbial platter by the crazy humans.  Yes, I’ve caught my neighbors offering them apples, barley, and torn up pieces of bread, not to mention one even has a SALT LICK in the back yard.   Yeah, I think they are very cute, but — they love to devour my flowers, so I’m not as softhearted as the neighbors.

Last weekend we went to a book sale put on by the County library system.  Normally I like to pay about 25 cents for my used books at garage sales, but this was going to a “good cause” so we went ahead and looked through the stacks and stacks of books.  I came home with three.  I have already started one entitled “O Come ye Back to Ireland, Our First year in County Clare” by Niall Williams and Christine Breen.  It was written in 1985 by a married couple who moved from Manhattan – to the wilds of western Ireland.  So far it is fascinating!!  After a quick search through our local library website, I found that this same couple has written FOUR books about their life in Ireland, and I’ve already got the next one on reserve.  What a great find!

In September, we are doing our “big” vacation for the year.  It is now only 3 weeks away and I’m beginning to get excited.  We’ll be going, along with our friends J & M from Canada, to New York City — where we will hop on a cruise ship and visit some sights in eastern Canada, as well as Boston and Martha’s Vineyard.  Then we will return to NYC and spend 3 days there, exploring!  We have never, ever been to any of these spots before, so needless to say there has been much planning and dreaming about what to see and what not to miss.  If anybody has any suggestions about NYC, please do share them!  We know we want to take in a Broadway play/musical for sure, as well as do a general tour of the city.  We actually have no idea of where to eat, but assume there must be zillions of great restaurants.  Anyway, something very exciting to look forward to!! 


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