If I could change my world………..

Old Fashioned KitchenSometimes when I think about how I would like my life to be different, I feel like it’s selfish.  After all, my life is pretty darned nice just as it is.  I have a good job that I only have to work 2-3 days a week at – and it allows me to be financially stable.  I have a wonderful husband and a nice little home, sort of off in the woods.  Yet, wouldn’t we all want to change a few things??  I think everyone would answer a resounding YES.  Some of these things I *might* be able to change, some – no way; and some are possible.  For instance… 

—  I’d love to be able to find a great home nearer my Dad – who at age 93 won’t be with us forever.  Yet to do that, I would have to leave this great little house and a neighborhood I love.  BUT, I would be closer to other family members too.  Can’t do it though.  I can’t give up this job, and a move closer to dad would END the job.  
—  I’d love to be attending church on a regular basis.  For me, it’s important to never forget my spirituality.
—  I’d love to NOT have to work at all – outside the home that is.   There are 10 zillion things that I could do around the home that would keep me from EVER being bored.
—  I’d sure like to finally finish that wedding sampler that I started so long ago for son #2 and wife.
—  I’d love to have all the time in the world to read all the great books I have stashed away – not to mention all the fabulous ones I’ve yet to find.
—  I’d sure love to have a garden again.  I have flowers, and they are nice, but I am talking a real veggie garden where I can compost and have my own organic crops.  
—  I’d love to have a clothesline again.  I have had one at every home except this one.  I am used to hanging out everything to dry on a warm spring, summer, or fall day.  I absolutely *love* the smell of sheets, dried on the line and blown in the breeze.
—  I wish I could afford to go “all organic” when it comes to foods – meats, veggies, etc etc.  Not sure if I feel as strongly about “natural” dish soap and laundry soap.  But the foods, yes.  My parents lived into their 90’s not only by the grace of God, but also by (in my humble opinion) eating a heck of alot less chemicals than my generation has.  
—  I would sure enjoy having more pets!  (please don’t mention this fact to Jinx the cat!)  I just adore pets, and had dogs in my life for 22 years, and miss the canines greatly.  I’d love more cats, a dog or two, and who knows what else?!
—  To go along with wanting a veggie patch again, I would sure love to be able to live on some acreage!  That has always been a dream of mine, for MANY years, but has never come to pass.  
—  I would love to have grandbabies, live near them, & nurture them like my Grannies did for me.  And like my folks did for my own sons.  

I suppose I could go on and on and on.   With all that said, believe it or not, I’m a very content woman.  Still there is nothing wrong with wishing…. with dreaming…. and even trying to make the possible ones happen. 


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