Sizzling hot!!!

Hot summer daySo much for all my griping about the lack of sunshine and summer-like weather.  Today we beat an ALL TIME record – I mean the HOTTEST day ever, here in our little neck of the Northwest.  Check out this link: 

At our home it was 99.  Officially it was 94 – but that was by the water.  For us, it’s bloody hot, as my English bred husband would say.  The funny (or not so funny) thing is that about 98% of us up here have NO air conditioning.  We survive with the good ol’ fan.  Today our pitiful cat was stretched as far as he could go, to cool off that sleek black body of his… and he was still miserable enough to allow me to rub an ice cube all over him. 

Its too hot to eat, WAY too hot to cook, and unfortunately too hot to sleep.  But…………. I refuse to call any of this ranting, “complaining”.  Nope.  We get so little of this weather that I’ll just enjoy it (if possible) and go with the flow.  It’s supposed to cool down a bit tomorrow.  Till then it’ll be plenty of ice tea, ice water, and ice cream!!!!


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