A Very happy birthday

marilyn-suz-6-25-07.jpgMarilyn & SuzOk, so turning 52 may not be something huge to celebrate, but it turned out that way, this weekend.  I had four days of nothing but FUN – with neighbors, family, and friends.  Now, looking back, it’s all over, and you know what I feel?  I feel blessed, I feel loved, I feel content, and oh-so-happy.  It started out last Friday night, a trip to “The Keg” (a steakhouse) with friends Howard and Christie.  Little did they know that- A) it was nearly my birthday  or  B) that the dinner was “on the house” – thanks to the careful bartering of my husband!  Ahh yes, it’s a great thing in this day and age where you can trade golf for steaks! 🙂  On Saturday, even though the rain continued to pelt our corner of the Northwest,  we hit the garage sale trail – and made out like bandits!  A new little table to be stained, varnished, and put out back on the deck – right next to the garage sale rocker that hubby fixed, stained, and already varnished.  Also – a 1 $ heater dish that throws out some serious warmth!  A pity that we actually used it both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend- it’s been so doggone cold!  Good grief, it’s nearly JULY!  Anyway, dear son and daughter in law arrived for their visit on Saturday evening, just in time to go to “game night” at our neighbor Susan’s home.  A great time was had by all!  On Sunday afternoon, DS and DH went golfing while DDIL and I did a bit of shopping.  We came home to more rain, but decided the barbecue was still on ~ and had a delightful meal, followed by a hearty game of dominos 🙂  On Monday, DS and DDIL had to head back home, but we had a yummy breakfast before they left.  Then last night, about 5pm, the sun came out (finally!).  I must say, there is not ONE of us up here in the northwest who does not appreciate EVERY single day the sun shines.  Anyway, we met our Canadian friends J & M for dinner at a fabulous seafood restaurant, Anthony’s.  What a delight!  The sunshine, the food, the dear friends.  Who could ask for anything more?  …………. well…………… this coming weekend it all starts again – not as a birthday celebration, but another weekend of guests!  Oldest dear son is bringing his new girlfriend for a couple of days!  And yes, I’m looking forward to that already.  Before I know it, my “mini-vacation” will be done, but I will have packed a lot of living into my 13 days off!  As for the 52 years, well, it sounds old, but I don’t feel old – yet!  Lord willing, there will be plenty more birthdays to come. 🙂  Oh, and the picture is of M and me, near the harbor, beside Anthony’s Restaurant.


One thought on “A Very happy birthday

  1. Oh, very belated birthday wishes! (I thought for certain I’d visited here between then and now…eeks! Where does the time go, for goodness sake?). 🙂 I’m so glad you were able to have a nice vacation and to do so many fun things! Sorry to hear about your hot weather! Blessings, Debra

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