Settling in to spring

Clothes on a lineI can hardly believe it’s mid-April already.  We recently returned home from a much needed vacation to Palm Springs.  Oh, I can hardly put into words how great it was to see the sun again, and feel it’s warmth.  We lived for 4 years in the Palm Springs area (actually Palm Desert) and most of the time we loved it.  We still have friends there, and were lucky and blessed to be able to stay with some of them on this most recent trip.  Hubby got to golf and I did take in a bit of “retail therapy” 🙂  We went out to dinner several nights… to some of our very favorite restaurants that are not up here in our  corner of Washington state.  We did lots of driving around, looking with wonder at all the changes and building that is going on down there.  We also stopped in to quite a few “model homes” in new neighborhoods that are going up.  Yes, we do love looking at real estate, and dreaming…. “Oh to be able to some day live part time here and part time there, like so many others do…..”   Well, I’m not holding my breath on that one.  I think just visiting will have to do for now. 

While we were there, we made a quick run over to Las Vegas and took in the Elton John “Red Piano” show.  In a word, it was outrageous!!!  For the most part, I loved it!  I’ve loved his music since the ’70s. 

Now we are back home, enjoying the fact that spring is indeed showing her beautiful face up our way now, and settling back into our daily routine.  Jinx the cat was almost as happy to see us, as we were to see him!  Funny how your pets are such true members of the family 🙂 

I bought a bunch of gorgeous tulips today – so ‘springy’!  Now if I just had a clothesline to hang my laundry on!  I’ve had one at all of my other homes, but not here.  Can a person put a clothesline on a deck?  I have no back yard, just the deck… Oh to smell those fresh clothes that have hung in the breeze all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of the glorious “little pleasures” in life 🙂  Anyone else crazy for clotheslines like me?????


One thought on “Settling in to spring

  1. Oh, tell me about it! I want a clothesline so badly I can almost taste it (well, maybe not taste it exactly…heh…). But as we consider this move to Virginia I’m going to make certain this time that we a yard large enough for a clothesline because I’ve missed one way too much! (Loved the photo you shared…. that’s where I want to move!). 🙂 Blessings, Debra

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