March Madness

March Snowstorm  March has come in like the proverbial “Lion” here in NW Washington!  Just when we thought that winter might be well and truly over…… the snow reappears!  Sigh.  The picture was taken March 1st from the inside of my snug home, looking out onto our back deck.  I can only say that I hope I’ll have a new view soon ~ one of sunshine, and newly potted flowers in their containers on that deck!   In the meantime however, I try very hard to make the most of every day, because I’m one of those people who really believe that “Every day is a gift”. 

Recently I finished reading the 9th book in a fabulous series and want to highly recommend them!  They are the Elm Creek Quilt novels, by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Now I’m not a quilter, but these books focus more on people than quilts, yet I think its great the way quilting weaves it’s way into the background (and sometimes the foreground) of the stories.  I just finished the final book (so far) entitled Circle of Quilters.  Apparently a new book is due out soon, and I’m on the queue at the library to get my chance to read it 🙂  This series really should be read in ‘order’, although each book is independent and can stand alone.  Many of the same characters appear and reappear from book to book, and it’s fun to see how their lives change.  These are not romance novels, they are just wonderful stories about women and families, quilting, and more!  Check it out here. 

In other news…. I recently signed up for a “Netflix” membership!  Dear Hubby thought I might be a silly to do it, because most of the movies I want to rent are OLD and Black-n-white… and he thinks I could find them on TV.  And, I’m sure I could – if I was diligent at perusing the TV guide, which I am not!  So — the first one coming my way is “Laura” , circa 1944 — can’t wait!!  Yes, I do want to see some of the newer movies (like- The Queen) on occasion since we almost never go to the theater, and of course Netflix has those available as well. 🙂

I went to visit my family on the East side of the state last week.  Again I brought home a priceless scrapbook, done by my dear Grandmother (may she rest peacefully in Heaven).  Grandma loved cooking, she loved reading the  newspaper and read the Spokesman Review (Spokane, WA) daily.  She also loved cutting out articles she thought were interesting and recipes she thought she might cook up one day.  After the cutting came the pasting… she glued them all into quite and array of “scrapbooks” that have survived her over the years.  Granny went to heaven in 1978.  Strange as it seems, I can still feel close to her, when I page through her books.  I’m lucky to have 3 of these scrap books now.  Some with clippings from the 1940’s!!  Fascinating! 

Grandma's Scrapbook

Inside scrapbook


3 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. What a wonderful, wonderful heirloom to have your grandmother’s scrapbooks! They are no doubt something you will cherish forever! It reminded me of my own mother when I read about your grandmother! She was always clipping articles, recipes, photos, etc that were of interest to her and to those she cared about. I have a folder of those clippings that I hope to get into scrapbook form for keepsakes for my children.

  2. Hi~~I found you via

    I *love* Jennifer’s quilt books. My favorite one was the Runaway Quilt. I found the history in it so fasinating.

    You must see The Queen. I watched it on an airplane back in Feb. It was interesting, but I didn’t find the ending to my liking. I wondered later if what they showed happening in the palace between the family really did happen.

    I also *love* black and white movies. I took to watching old Katherine Hepburn movies, but have stopped for awhile because of the corniness.

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Loved this post! First of all, I am insanely jealous of your deck and the gorgeous view!! Oh, and you will love Netflix–I signed up just a couple months ago for the same reason–for the old b&w movies. They have nearly every one which is out on dvd–hooray! And speaking of that, just today I watched Laura again–it’s my own dvd copy and I love it so much….. what a classic. The party they give Laura when she returns is so classic, too…. It’s a hoot to just watch the characters and listen to the droll things they say. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Debra

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