All in a day’s work?

baby1.jpgYesterday was a strange day at work.  Instead of caring for babies who are doing well, growing, and getting ready to go home from the hospital and face the big world, I was assigned to a baby who was going home, yes… but not for long.  She was born with only the most essential part of the brain to sustain life, the brainstem.  The rest of where her brain should be, was water.  No, it’s not the first time I’ve seen this unfortunate condition, but each time we see an anomaly that is not compatible with life, it’s so very sad.  These days, since the use of ultrasound has become the norm, we don’t see as many “surprises” as we used to.  This particular baby was diagnosed in utero, but the parents decided to carry on with the pregnancy, hoping that it was a mistake.  Unfortunately, it was not.  This little one now has a month – give or take – before she goes home to heaven.  I’m not sure how I would have handled a situation like this when I was a young mother.  I like to think that I would have been brave and strong, but honestly, I think I would have totally come unwound.  Even though my “babies” are now 28 and 29, when things like this happen, I still thank God for my healthy boys.  What blows me away, is that these parents have now had *three* children with the same problem.  I truly don’t believe I could have managed the heartbreak and loss, three times over.  All I can do is keep them in my prayers. 


2 thoughts on “All in a day’s work?

  1. God bless you for your loving and caring spirit.
    We need more people like you in our world.
    I can’t imagine the sadness the baby’s parents must be experiencing. To have had the courage to try a fourth time and then be let down. God help them.

  2. Susan,

    I am so scared, Vicky has had 3 sonograms now and this latest one has shown proof that the baby has a hole in the back of it’s skull, and the organs are small. 😦 She is torn up as this will most likely be the only child she has the opportunity to bear. Please pray for her, as a neonatal nurse you above all others know what can happen. I am so hurting for her and me, I still look forward to a grandchild, she is at 17 weeks now. I promise to write soon dear friend.

    Love and Hugs

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