Just one more day?

for-one-more-day.jpgToday I sat down about 10:30am with a cup of coffee, and turned on The View.  Mitch Albom was there, being interviewed about his new book “For One More Day” — Essentially, it makes you think if you had ONE MORE DAY to spend with a loved one who is gone, who would it be and what would you do?   I nearly broke into tears just thinking about it.  Wouldn’t we all just love ONE MORE DAY with someone we’ve lost?  I know I would.     Mom has been gone 2 years now, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.  We weren’t ultra close, but we did share a lot of bonds.  Yesterday I TRIED to make her famous Christmas candy, “Penuche”.  I pride myself on being a fine cook and baker, but my goodness…. this stuff turned out like a darn BRICK.  Not like the lovely goodness that Mom used to make.  I want to take it with me when I go to visit Dad next week… but I can’t take this BRICK!!!  I would love to spend one more day with Mom.  I would take ONE MORE LESSON from her on making homemade bread; I’d encourage her to tell me more and more about her life growing up; How she met Dad and what did her parents think of him?; We’d just hang out together around the kitchen table, drinking coffee, like we liked to do…………….  Oh for just ONE MORE DAY. 


2 thoughts on “Just one more day?

  1. Hi Susan! I’ve been meaning and meaning to tell you that I really like your new blog! I need to change the address of the one I have in my blogroll so that I’ll be able to visit you more often… Love the idea of this book you spoke of here! Blessings to you… Debra

  2. I share your desire for ‘just one more day.’ My mom has been gone for five years. We were very close and especially during her last years with Alzheimers, I was with her a lot.
    I think no matter how close we are to those we love, we always wish for more time with them. We have so many questions after they are gone.
    Sorry about your Penuche. I used to make it and found that beating it with my hand mixer after it was partly cooled, seemed to whip air into it making it creamier. Same with fudge.
    Now when it comes to Divinity, that’s another story. Mine turned out like flat, sticky taffy patties!
    Have a blessed Christmas.

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