A Happy Anniversary

old-fashioned-wedding.jpgToday is the 7th anniversary of our wedding and my dear husband’s birthday as well!  Hard to believe it’s been 7 years already…. I think as one gets older, time seems to fly by so much quicker.  We no longer have the vision of the future as being “way down the road” — the future for us is now.  We have often told each other that we wish we had met and married way back in the ’70’s – when we could have had a family together, and enjoyed a full lifetime together.  Yet, we have what we have, and are so grateful to have it.  The future is no longer “way down the road” … we aim to enjoy every single moment we have together, and oh Lord, please let it be a LONG time!  Happy birthday, sweetheart! 

ps. the picture is just one I like – so sweet, and old fashioned.  No one I know.


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