A “poke-a-dot” kind of day……..

Time for a flu shot!Today was another busy day at the flu shot clinic!  Winter weather has rapidly approached and seriously arrived here in the northern hemisphere – hence, plenty of people have decided to quit putting it off and get their flu shot.  We worked at Costco today and kept pretty busy.  Sometimes I ask myself WHY I do these 5 hour clinics, certainly not for the money….because I sure won’t get rich giving flu shots!  I guess it’s kinda fun to visit with the other nurses that I only see this time of year, plus, we *are* doing a public service which is a good thing.  It’s also interesting to (albeit briefly) meet some of the friendly folks who come in to be “injected”.  They are usually very thankful for the service we provide, and getting positive feedback – is always a great feeling.  One more clinic to go……… next week!  Then it’s all done for  another year.    Did everybody get their flu shot????  I hope so 🙂


3 thoughts on “A “poke-a-dot” kind of day……..

  1. You certainly are doing a public service. Just imagine how many people you are saving from the flu and also the lives that are being saved. You never know which one of your patients may have died without the injection.

  2. Hi Mountain Mama,
    Not sure the name of the mountain…. it is located directly behind the Mendenhall Glacier, outisde of Juneau, Alaska. The lake in the picture is Mendenhall Lake. We were sure impressed with the beauty of Alaska!!

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